Friday, December 27, 2013

the middle of a long weekend

holidays in the middle of the week give the feel of one long ass weekend. and today would be the middle of that weekend where i've already done everything i wanted to do. so today was a lot of twiddling my thumbs, looking at porn, figuring out the best deals for my wish list on, and wondering if the lady at the bank told me happy new year too early or not. you know, real earth shattering shit.

i went to the bank today and made a decent deposit. definitely my biggest one in months. nothing quite like holiday cash. i held the door for the elderly black woman coming out of the bank and she said thanks, happy new year. i said you're welcome, same to you as i truly believe Dec. 27th is way too early to start wishing happy new year. i'm sure this is part of the asshole in me.

after a few days of just not thinking about anything quite frankly, i got back online and started looking at my fantasy sports. nothing like a few injuries to snap me back into oh fuck mode. had a key player on my fantasy hockey team go down with a torn ACL, so it's going to be a wide mix of replacements until the right one shows up. i've got a decent lead in that league, but i've seen such leads go away in a matter of weeks before. as for football, had to make some minor adjustments in the just in case mode for the fantasy football finals. hopefully the injury reports later today come out in my favor. that will help calm the stress since i won't be watching for the first part of the games on Sunday. another basketball game at Dayton awaits. hopefully there is a much better outcome this time around. on both fronts.

it actually got to "normal" temps today. the sun felt pretty damn good when i was out feeding the animals. of course, the sliding door that i use to get inside to feed the cats came off the rail. and it was a bitch trying to get it back on. amazingly, equipment from the 1930's tend to rust and no longer function after 80 years. i was able to get the door shut but i won't use it again as i know i didn't get it back on correctly. perhaps if it was a little warmer out i would have fucked with it for longer than the 20 minutes i did. sadly, here in the winter, sun does not equal heat.

the New York Rangers play tonight in Washington. i have no clue how they are going to play. i'd love to sit here and think they are going to win their 3rd straight. i'll believe it when i see it i guess.

i'll be back on here tomorrow after my morning sports. team USA plays in the World Juniors at 7:30 in the morning. that will go right into Manchester United playing Norwich at 10 in the morning. hopefully i'll be having a few victory beers later in the day.

as you'll see below, i also listened to a shitload of music today.

hope everyone has a great last weekend of 2013. be well, be drunk, be creative, be generous, and believe in yourself... just in case no one else gives a shit.



Otis Redding - The Very Best Of
Ray LaMontagne - Till the Sun Turns Black
Johnny Cash - American V: A Hundred Highways
Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero
Prodigy - The Fat of the Land

"Better remain silent, better not even think, if you are not prepared to act." - Annie Besant

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