Tuesday, December 24, 2013

some miracles come out of nowhere

i was watching the NFL game last night and somewhere around the 3rd quarter, i started to panic. my fantasy football team needed points from the 49ers defense, who quite frankly weren't doing shit. so, i ran to the computer and checked the scores. i was 4 points behind. then, after a punt return i was .4 points behind. fast forward to the 4th quarter and i'm still trailing. the Falcons had just scored and looked like they were getting ready to score again. and i'm muttering to myself, i need an interception returned for a touchdown, over and over again. and right after i mumble that this is what i get for trusting a defense ran by some fuck from Michigan, my early Christmas miracle happens. an interception returned for a touchdown. i immediately ran to the computer to watch the score get updated. i won the game by 8 points or so. not bad when i was trailing by 13 to start the night. i'm really thankful my mother wasn't filming me as i was one of these over jubilant assholes acting nuts. i think she was more thankful that nothing was going to be destroyed now. so, i'll be in the finals of this league as well. first time in the decade plus i've been playing in multiple leagues that i have gone to the finals in 2 of them in the same year. hopefully i do a much better job in this final.

and to go from that elation to the good news from Nerve Cowboy today was simply amazing. and the poem they accepted is one of my recent favorites. i'll pimp that issue for sure when it comes out.

the New York Rangers did something last night that i'm not accustomed to this season; win 2 games in a row. a 2-1 shootout victory over Toronto. of course, the game never should have gone to overtime, but i'll gladly take the 2 points. it's very apparent the officials need some time off as well. here are the highlights:

i didn't watch much of Monday Night Raw at all last night. it was taped last week, so i already knew what was going to happen. i did like the news of Batista returning. that should make for some interesting story lines. plus, he returns on the Raw the day before my birthday.

not sure what i'm going to watch this evening. maybe A Christmas Story, maybe the college football game, hell, maybe i'll just write this evening away. i did have a little fun decorating my art set last night. a good place for some stickers. maybe i'll break out some of that and do some art tonight. given how fucking cold it is here, i might just sleep.

not sure what i'm going to do on Christmas day. i get the feeling mom and i might end up at Waffle House. that might make for some interesting poems. i do have planned what i'm going to put on this blog tomorrow. stay tuned.

wherever you are in the world, i hope you have a wonderful Christmas or whatever you choose to celebrate. be safe, be well, enjoy it.

try not to choke on the milk and cookies...


Patrice O'Neal - Unreleased
Bettye LaVette - I've Got My Own Hell to Raise
Eurythmics - Ultimate Collection

"I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage." - Erma Bombeck

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