Wednesday, December 18, 2013

a little sunshine

with victory beer in hand, i come to this blog with a much better mood than i have had in a few days. could be the sunshine today. could be the alcohol. could be the impending chaos coming with the weather...

Manchester United won today at Stoke 2-0. a crazy first half that saw winds so strong that a ball wouldn't go more than 10 yards into it and then a damn hailstorm. thankfully, that weather passed and then 2 guys i have been extremely critical of decided to shut me up finally. Ashley Young with an incredible bullet goal and then Patrice Evra with a nice bender with his off foot. as i sip on this victory beer, all i can say is well done boys. they now advance to the semi-finals of the Capital One Cup.

i did watch the finale of The Voice last night. i thought the show itself was a little up and down. a few of the performances were top notch and the rest were hey, we flew you out here so you have to do something... Tessanne winning was the right choice. it will be interesting to see what kind of music career she has here in the states now. the show is back in February as i guess between The Voice and The Winter Olympics, nothing else can keep NBC afloat. unless they decide Jimmy Fallon is going to do every show on the channel. he may be naive enough to try...

i did get all the Christmas gifts wrapped today. i knew the Sunday paper would come in handy.

the New York Rangers play the Penguins tonight. even with a ton of injuries, Pittsburgh should still win. hopefully i will be surprised while watching tonight.

other than that, not much going on for me tonight.

the weather is starting to turn out here. the next 3 days will start a big warm up and a complete melting of the snow. between the heat and the rain, looks like we may have 4 inches or so going into the ground. this will be a good chance to see if the irrigation changes we made out here survived the harvest. i doubt we will have any flooding. as long as it doesn't wipe out the little bridge in front, we're good. if the bridge gets washed out, i guess my sister will have to wait to have Christmas out here.

we did get a delivery of propane today. at least i know that tank is full.

now i'm off to go figure out what songs to put on a mix cd for a 10 year old boy. i'm figuring i will go with some classics. and then sprinkle in some songs that he shouldn't hear, just to keep his mother on her toes.

hope this finds everyone well. until tomorrow...


Metallica - ...And Justice For All
Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing

"If you're going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use both feet." - Keith Richards

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