Friday, June 13, 2014

will this cold front move the fuck on already...

just imagine the fucking joy of waking up with your back screaming after only 3 hours of sleep. good times.

it never fails with my life. if my sports teams are doing well, there will be some boulder in my personal life that will undoubtedly fall. and the opposite is true as well. so i was checking my email last night after the Yankees won again and there was an unexpected email from a former girlfriend. she wanted to know if i was going to the festivities planned for our 20th high school reunion. given that this email was the first i had heard of anything, i told her my best guess was no. then, feeling slighted for the ten thousandth time since i graduated, i did a little digging on the internet. i found some dates and that the money was supposed to be in a week ago or so. but, did i find the actual amount of money needed or what was actually planned? no. much like it was in high school, i was only part of the cool kids when i had drugs and alcohol. so, i hope they have fun over Labor Day weekend. i imagine i'll be busy mowing grass.

the Yankees got the sweep last night in Seattle, winning 6-3. got another great pitching performance from Chase Whitley and amazingly, Derek Jeter showed some life once again last night. they play again tonight in Oakland. not sure they will have the same great results there.

i didn't watch much of the NBA Finals last night as the game was never close. i don't give Miami much of a chance down 3-1. especially when they would have to win 2 of those games in San Antonio.

the New York Rangers play a MUST WIN Game 5 tonight against the Kings. considering they should have won the first 2 games out there, i have a little confidence in them tonight. if Lundqvist can play on his head again, i'll have even more confidence. i'll be glued to that game tonight. and unfortunately, i'll have the shaving shit ready in case they lose. but i'm not ready to get rid of the playoff beard just yet.

i did watch Brazil beat Croatia 3-1 yesterday in the World Cup. talk about some shitty officiating. Brazil did not play good at all for most of the match. Croatia certainly deserved at least a point out of that match. and Brazil will have to be MUCH better if they actually want to win it all. today will start off with Mexico vs. Cameroon. the late match will be Chile vs. Australia. but the middle match is the juicy match of the day. Spain vs. Netherlands. considering that Manchester United's new coach is the coach of the Netherlands, i'll definitely be interested in that one. plus, it's a rematch of the finals of the last World Cup. should be another interesting day.

i'm hoping to get out to feed the cats before all that begins today. i believe my cat Whitey's kittens are just about ready to be unleashed upon the other cats. one escaped where she had them yesterday and was playing around in the other barn with the adult cats. Whitey did not look pleased at all. i laughed as hard as i could.

that's all for today. unless something fucking crazy happens or i get something published, i'm not planning on being on here until tomorrow morning.

hope everyone has a great weekend. be well. be creative. be loud. be proud. be drunk. be willing to realize your mistakes tomorrow.



Arcade Fire - Wake Up
Kelly Sweet - In The Air Tonight
Rival Sons - Electric Man

"I always feel like rejection is my petrol. That's what keeps me going." - Laura Kightlinger

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