Saturday, June 28, 2014

recovering from hell

i believe the heat index was somewhere in the mid 90's. any sane person would have waited until later in the day. thankfully, i'm not sane. so at 2 in the afternoon yesterday, there i was, long sleeve shirt, sweatpants, hat, gloves, SPF 105, sunglasses, and not much of a choice. i figured the faster i mowed, the better off i would be. 4 hours and not enough water breaks later, i was done. it looks good. and i got it done before the next round of rain. now i get to pay for it the rest of the weekend. the beauty of having sensitive skin is i usually spend a weekend on the toilet after a few hours in the sun. good way to become a hermit.

i've figured out over the years that when i truly want to slip through the cracks and fall off the grid, i will have no problem doing so. case in point, i had my doctor's appointment for 3 months before yesterday. somehow, i wasn't in the books for having one. this happens all the time with these type of places. the beauty of being poor. all building blocks for my insanity.

saw the parents of my best friend of my childhood yesterday at the grocery store. was a little weird. let's just say none of us that stay in this area age well.

the Yankees got some great pitching last night from an unlikely source, finally hit some damn home runs, and emasculated the Red Sox 6-0. that was a victory beer i wasn't expecting. they play again tonight with Tanaka on the mound. i believe it's on FOX, not sure if i'm going to watch or not.

the World Cup starts back up today. should be 2 pretty good matches. at least i'm hoping they are. Brazil vs. Chile and Colombia vs. Uruguay.

thankfully, i had just enough cat food to feed the cats yesterday morning. but, seeing that this is my life, one of the new bags of cat food had a hole in it. i didn't figure this out until i put it over my shoulder and was carrying it into the house. good times.

the doctor put me on some new arthritis medicine that i start tomorrow. i take this one twice a day. hopefully it works a little better than the previous one. my neck pain is doing pretty good. i could feel it yesterday while i was mowing since the pills weren't ready while we were at the grocery store. thankfully, mom picked them up while i was mowing, because that was the first thing i reached for when i got done. and then some water.

i believe ROH has a new episode tonight. hopefully i'm awake to see it.

i did watch a good portion of the NHL Draft last night. i'll probably end up watching a good portion of it today as well. the league set the salary cap at 69 million. i believe most teams thought it was going to be at 71. the New York Rangers were one of those teams. so, looks like many of the guys from the run to the Stanley Cup Final won't be back. i'll know for certain when July 1st rolls around.

if i somehow don't get sick today, i may do some writing. starting to get that itch again. plus, anytime i go out into public, i'm a people watcher. some people think that's creepy. i think it's simply that observant fuckers make better writers. hopefully i have proved that over the years.

that's all for me. i do hope everyone has a great day doing whatever the fuck normal people do on weekends. i know, that's a BIG assumption by me that normal people actually read this blog.

be well. be creative. be well hydrated.


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"Humor is just another defense against the universe." - Mel Brooks

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