Sunday, June 22, 2014

and the busy ass day begins

how the hell is the day of rest my busiest? so much shit going on today it is ridiculous. on with the show...

the Yankees got their asses handed to them yesterday, 6-1. it was like batting practice for the Orioles. today is the rubber match and it is also Old Timer's Day. so, there will be swimming with nostalgia here in a bit. and then, Tanaka takes the mound. hopefully i will be drinking a victory beer this afternoon.

the World Cup yesterday was thrilling and CRUEL. Argentina beats Iran 1-0 on a Messi goal in the 91st minute. CRUEL. Nigeria beats Bosnia-Herzegovina 1-0 on some shitty officiating and a huge save late. CRUEL. Ghana and Germany played to a 2-2 draw that was absolutely thrilling to watch. and this opens the door for today.

Belgium plays Russia, who cares. Algeria plays South Korea, who cares. USA plays Portugal. if the USA wins today, they advance to the knockout round. they will also take the lead in the group of death. and they will also shut up a ton of fuckers all around the world. needless to say, i will be glued into that game, intense as i was in the Stanley Cup Final. hopefully, i will be celebrating around 8 pm this evening.

after watching ROH last night, i am definitely tempted to order their first PPV tonight. thankfully, it starts after the USA game. chances are, i will be watching some wrestling this evening.

after that gets over, i'll try to fit in my Sunday night shows... Nurse Jackie, Californication, Penny Dreadful, and Last Week Tonight. looks like it is going to be a late one for me.

i still need to pick up the trash, sweep some floors, clean some toilets, do the dishes, feed the cats and pray for some dry weather so i can mow the grass before it gets over a foot tall.

now breathe.

hope everyone is having a great weekend. hope it finishes well for you.

be well. be creative. be understanding. be the fire that never goes out.

until tomorrow my lovely friends and enemies...


Barbarian Overlords - The Harvester
Rival Sons - Electric Man
Kelly Sweet - In The Air Tonight
Michael Franti & Spearhead w/Cherine Anderson - Say Hey (I Love You)
The Crystal Method - Busy Child
Shooter Jennings - The Gunslinger
Accept - Balls to the Wall

"Only the mediocre are always at their best." - Jean Giraudoux

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