Tuesday, June 17, 2014

revenge is sweet

roughly about 45 minutes after i posted on this blog yesterday, i went outside to feed the cats. and while doing so, i threw my back out. nothing quite like being frozen in pain while the cats are looking at you like, put the food in the bowl fat ass. i eventually made it back inside, slowly. and since it was mom's birthday, i went into town to get the mail. thank god for adrenaline. i iced it down some yesterday and was hoping that a good night of sleep was going to help. lets just say i'll be doing some more ice today.

when the USA scored 34 seconds into the match yesterday against Ghana, i was thrilled, shocked, and pissed at the same time. pissed because i know how this team operates. they were going to try to defend for the next 90 minutes. sadly, that's pretty much what they did. when Ghana tied the score, i figured getting a point out of this game would be good enough. when the USA scores in the 86th minute and the adrenaline starts flowing through my veins again, it was at the top of my lungs screaming, DEFEND FOR YOUR LIVES BOYS. and they did. to FINALLY beat Ghana is some sweet revenge. considering they have to play Germany next and most likely will be eliminated after that game, is even sweeter. the USA next plays an injured and suspended Portugal team. the USA has injuries as well. and that game is in the middle of the jungle. a draw would most likely get the USA into a great spot for getting out of the group. a win, especially if Germany wins the day before, gets the USA out of the group of death. i will be hoping for a win on Sunday.

also yesterday, Germany destroyed Portugal 4-0. helps that Pepe lost his mind once again. Portugal was losing 2-0 at the time. hopefully Portugal feels sorry for themselves come Sunday. in the first goalless draw of the tournament, Nigeria and Iran did their best to put me to sleep. if my back wouldn't have been killing me, i might have actually got to sleep.

today's action is Belgium vs. Algeria. (Belgium is my sleeper team for the World Cup). Russia plays South Korea. and in the game of the day, Mexico plays Brazil. given that many of these players faced off in the Olympics when Mexico beat Brazil for the gold medal, i would think Brazil will be looking for a little revenge today. might watch that game in Spanish.

Monday Night Raw was excellent last night. helped that the adrenaline from the USA win was still pumping inside me while i was watching. love that they are giving some of the younger talent more of a push now.

Louie had an excellent season finale last night. could have gone without seeing some male ass in the episode, but oh well. another excellent season.

tonight is a Tanaka Tuesday at Yankee Stadium. they start a series with Toronto, who is 4 1/2 games ahead of them in the division. a pretty big series for June. i'll be watching that until Deadliest Catch comes on. quite honestly, all my viewing tonight depends on how my back feels.

hope this finds everyone well. and in better health than me.

until we meet again my friends...


Dinosaur Jr. - Feel the Pain
Rancid - Ruby Soho
Icona Pop - I Love It
St. Vincent - Digital Witness
The Glitch Mob - Can't Kill Us

"What gives the artist real prestige is his imitators." - Igor Stravinsky

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