Thursday, June 12, 2014

still alive and kicking

the New York Rangers showed life last night, got some great puck luck, and The King stood on his head. he stopped 40 of 41 shots last night and the Rangers won 2-1. this forces the series back out west for Game 5 on Friday. here are the highlights:

the Yankees got a great start from Tanaka (minus the Cano HR in the 9th), a rare 3 run HR from Tex and won 4-2. Tanaka is fucking amazing. he is now 10-1 on the season. worth every fucking penny they spent on him. they go for the sweep tonight.

not sure when the last time i had two victory beers in a night was. feels like weeks. needless to say, i slept well last night.

the World Cup starts today with Brazil vs. Croatia. i think this match will be a little tighter than most people believe it will be.

after that, i really need to get the fucking dishes done. i've been a lazy bastard here for the last few days. of course, i probably will be that way for the next month as well.

tonight, i will be watching a little basketball, some baseball, and god knows what else. chances are i will fall asleep at some point as the weather continues to fuck with my back.

mom got me this cool ass New York Rangers shirt. it arrived today in the mail. has all the players names on it, forming a big NY. pretty damn cool. will be even cooler if they happen to win it all.

that's pretty much all for me today. i'll be on here tomorrow with some World Cup updates, my thoughts heading into Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final, some NBA musings, some bathroom humor, maybe some poetry news, and who knows what else.

hope everyone is well. hope everyone enjoys the World Cup. i decided i'm drinking anytime the USA wins (since i'm American), anytime Germany wins (since i'm part German), and anytime a Manchester United player scores (since i'm an alcoholic).

peace and chicken grease my enemies...


Tegan and Sara w/The Lonely Island - Everything is AWESOME!!!
Swedish House Mafia - Save The World (Knife Party Remix)
AC/DC - Rock 'N' Roll Train
Love and Rockets - So Alive
Portugal. The Man - Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue

"No one has ever become poor by giving." - Anne Frank

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