Friday, June 27, 2014

busy ass day part 2

since my mother got home much later than she thought she was going to last night, i didn't end up going to the store. so, that turns today into one giant clusterfuck.

i might have enough food to feed the cats this morning before i go to the doctor, might not. that should be interesting. regardless, after the trip to the doctor, we have to go to the tractor supply store to get cat food and then to the grocery store to pick up medicine and our food. and since today is the only dry day for the foreseeable future, i then need to get back here and start mowing the grass. i imagine that is going to take the rest of the hours that the sun is up. i'm really hoping i get it done by then as it is supposed to start raining again tonight.

now imagine my stress if i don't have enough to feed the cats this morning and have to squeeze that in after the trip to the grocery store. oh, and i need to figure out when i'm going to eat today. good times.

the only thing i plan on watching this evening is the Yankees vs. Red Sox. if i miss most of it because it took me so long to get the grass cut, so be it. given who is pitching for the Yankees, i probably won't want to watch anyway.

i was not upset when the USA lost to Germany yesterday, 1-0. mostly because CR7 scored for Portugal to ensure that the USA would be advancing. and seeing that it was the first time ever they have advanced out of the group stage in back to back World Cups is HUGE. and, none of the soccer experts in this country had them getting out of the group of death. that was great to see them eating some crow last night. now, the real fun begins.

to recap the scores from yesterday, Germany won 1-0. Portugal beat Ghana 2-1. Belgium (with 10 men) beat South Korea 1-0. Algeria and Russia played to a 1-1 draw. a HUGE draw for Algeria. that means the USA plays Belgium and Germany plays Algeria in the next round.

that sets up the knockout round. here is the bracket...

i have Brazil beating Argentina in the finals, mostly because i don't have the guts to pick something else. i do have the USA upsetting Belgium. that's the only real upset i see happening. i almost chose the Netherlands to make it to the finals... almost. i did pretty well in the group stage, got 3 groups completely correct and at least had 1 team right in all of the groups. yes, i'm playing fantasy soccer, get over it.

the knockout games start tomorrow with Brazil vs. Chile and Colombia vs. Uruguay. those two games should be fun.

i did watch Big Brother last night. not sure what to think of the cast this season. as long as i am entertained, i really don't care. it will be interesting to see how the twists play out over the course of the season. i'm not sure many of the players are smart enough to know what is going on at all most of the time.

i also watched the NBA Draft last night. i only watched it to put a bow on the college basketball season. of course, i would have needed to watch the European leagues to know many of the players.

that's all for today. i need to get some breakfast in me and scrounge the bottom of the barrel for some cat food. i really don't want to feed these fuckers in the afternoon while i should be mowing. i've got parts of the lawn that is over 12 inches high. this will not be fun.

hope everyone has a great start to the weekend. hopefully you have some great weather and free drinks to enjoy.

be well. be creative. be a nuisance. be helpful. be a shining light of destruction and mayhem.

peace and chicken grease.


Arcade Fire - Wake Up
Rival Sons - Electric Man
Dinosaur Jr. - Feel The Pain
Trampled By Turtles - Where Is My Mind (Live)

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing." - Helen Keller

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