Tuesday, June 24, 2014

i'll sleep when i'm dead...

when you find yourself sweeping the floor at 4 in the morning, i think you have pretty much come to the conclusion that you'll just sleep when you're dead. the fact that i was back up and at it at 8 in the morning simply cements it.

when i hit the post office later today, i'll be mailing 3 poems to Chiron Review. when i hear back from them, i'll pass along the verdict.

the Yankees played like shit again last night, losing 8-3. that's 3 losses in a row that have been UGLY. might be time for a trade or some injection of youth. no point in having kids do good in AAA when they might as well be up in the show. they play again tonight.

in World Cup action yesterday, Spain won 3-0. enjoy the flight home. Netherlands beat Chile 2-0. Mexico beat Croatia 3-1. Brazil won 4-1. that sets up in the knockout round Brazil vs. Chile and Netherlands vs. Mexico. those are 2 juicy games. bring on the weekend.

today, Costa Rica plays England. Italy plays Uruguay in the game of the day. Colombia plays Japan and Greece goes against the Ivory Coast. i'm interested to see how Group C and D shake out.

Monday Night Raw was pretty good last night. i thought it did a decent job of setting up the upcoming ppv this Sunday.

tonight, especially if the baseball is as shitty as last night, i'll be watching Deadliest Catch. and then i'll probably watch Tyrant on FX. that channel usually has some damn good shows that i'll take a chance on for at least an episode or two.

if you happen to watch my new YouTube video and like it, please share it. or at the very least, tell me you like it...

if you watch it and don't like it, i'll be even happier that i wasted a minute of your life.

i was on the toilet this morning and looked out the window and saw a deer eating some grass maybe ten feet away. i'll almost miss being able to see that when(ever) we move from here.

not looking forward to another hot ass day here. it's just so damn muggy. hopefully this slow moving cold front gets through here and gives some relief.

got an art idea that i'm going to try to flush out late tonight. probably use some markers and my twisted imagination. if i actually like it (rare), i'll post some pictures.

that's all for me. i hope this finds everyone well. until tomorrow my enemies.

peace and chicken grease...


Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky
Grant Lee Buffalo - Fuzzy
Steve Earle - Colorado Girl

"War is God's way of teaching Americans geography." - Ambrose Bierce

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