Sunday, June 29, 2014

it's not the heat, it's the humidity

it's been so damn muggy around here for the last week or so, anytime i walk out of the house i feel like i am in Florida again. and i haven't been in Florida since i was a child.

i told my mother yesterday that when we move, we're not having any pets come with us. this is their punishment for strategically placing shit all around the yard where i walk to feed the birds. and trust me, fresh cat shit and heat just don't mix well, even if it's on the bottom of an old pair of shoes.

if the World Cup is going to be anything like the first game yesterday, holy shit. Brazil survived Chile on penalty kicks. Brazil 1(3) - Chile 1(2). i thought for a few moments that my pick to win it all would blow up in my face. hell, it still might. in the other game Colombia beat Uruguay 2-0. let the James Rodriguez bidding begin. he's going to get a massive raise before too long.

today, the Netherlands take on Mexico. i'll have my eyes glued on that one given the various Manchester United connections in it. afterwards, Costa Rica plays Greece. some lucky team will be getting to the quarterfinals unexpectedly.

i have Costa Rica and Netherlands advancing today.

the Yankees lost last night 2-1. Tanaka made two mistakes and it got him a loss. sucks when that second mistake comes in the top of the 9th with 2 outs. why he would shake off the catcher to throw his third best pitch is beyond me. i also put some blame on the catcher for allowing him to do it. but, the biggest blame comes down to the offense again that looked like they were swinging a wet paper bag at the plate. the rubber game of the series is tonight on ESPN. i have no clue if i will bother with it or not.

ROH was a retrospective on Michael Elgin and his path to the title last night. a pretty good episode. i'm not that big of a fan but he has certainly paid his dues and deserves a chance to run with the ball.

i'm ok with whom the New York Rangers drafted yesterday. they traded back a few times and got more players, which is usually a good thing. most of the guys will end up being depth guys if they do make it to the NHL. now the real nail biting begins with free agency. the GM is already laying the ground work for players walking away. great.

i'm really looking forward to the Sunday night shows tonight. the season finales of Nurse Jackie and Penny Dreadful. the series finale of Californication. and another new episode of Last Week Tonight. if i find the time, i may check out the new HBO show The Leftovers. of course, i've been so damn tired here lately, i probably would be better off sleeping. not sure if i'm going to watch the next episode of Big Brother tonight or not, as i already know what's going to happen.

i got a late start this morning as i had an awful night of sleeping. even with the fan and air conditioning on, i could never get comfortable. good times.

i need to get the trash picked up and the cats fed before the games start today. and i also need to fit in breakfast and reading the paper. and of course, since it is trash day, it's supposed to storm. why am i not surprised.

that's all for me today. hope everyone is having a great weekend. or at the very least, better than mine.

peace and chicken grease...


The Ragged Jubilee - Can't Stop Loving You
The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes
Exitmusic - The Cold
Will Hoge - Woman Be Strong
Beach House - Myth
Metallica - Bleeding Me

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley

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