Monday, June 23, 2014

mere seconds away...

i have been a sports fan for nearly my entire life. being punched in the gut by a game is not new to me. hell, i quit believing in happiness after 2001 when the Yankees lost in the World Series. so, last night, when the USA gave up the goal in the final seconds against Portugal, i was stunned, shocked, hurt, upset... but really fucking happy it wasn't a loss. probably helps that i was watching wrestling about 3 minutes after the game, so my mind was occupied. while the 2-2 draw keeps everyone in the group of death alive, i still feel pretty confident that the USA WILL advance to the knockout round. of course, come Thursday, i might be feeling different.

in the other games yesterday, Belgium beat Russia 1-0 in one boring ass match. thankfully, i didn't watch much of it. Algeria beat South Korea 4-2 in a pretty entertaining match.

today starts the final games of the group stage. the day starts with Group B. Spain vs. Australia in a game that means nothing. Chile vs. Netherlands to determine the group winner. in Group A action, Brazil plays Cameroon in what should be an entertaining game. and then the HUGE match between Mexico and Croatia. that will determine who gets out of the group. hopefully another good day of action.

the Yankees played like shit yesterday. Tanaka pitched well enough to deserve a better fate, but the offense decided it wanted the day off. 8-0. at least the fucking Old Timer's game was entertaining. it was good to see some of the guys i remember from my childhood, following the Yankees in the newspaper and by baseball cards. they play again tonight in Toronto.

the ROH ppv last night, Best in the World, was great. 3 hours of non-stop action. some really good matches. a few holy shit moments. a title change that i didn't see coming. i thought it was a very good start to a new era in ROH. hopefully the buy rate is good enough that they will do another one.

got an invite to submit some poems to the Chiron Review in the mail over the weekend. i'll definitely have to come up with something to send their way.

mom is up in Columbus for most of the week. so, i'll be home alone. how i wish i still had the energy i had in my twenties. i might try to do some creative shit while i'm alone. i haven't painted since god knows when. and i've had a YouTube video idea brewing in my head for months now. hopefully, i have the right batteries in the house as most of my shit is dead at the moment.

i need to get some gas sometime in the next few days. the grass is getting to the point of ridiculous. of course, it's rained at some point like every day for the last week or so. doesn't look like it will be "dry" until the end of the week.

the Sunday night shows were excellent last night. Last Week Tonight had me laughing. Nurse Jackie was a really good setup for the finale next week. Californication was good. the series finale is next week. i'll be a little sad to see one of my favorite shows end. Penny Dreadful was spectacular last night. i can't wait to see how this season ends. if Eva Green doesn't win something for this series, i'll be shocked.

tonight will be a mix of baseball and Monday Night Raw. and then if i'm up to it, some creative outbursts.

hope this Monday is finding everyone well... not too hungover from the weekend, be it sports, alcohol, sex, etc...

be well my enemies, i will return tomorrow. hopefully with pictures.


The Band of Heathens - Hurricane
Mother Love Bone - Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns
Conor Oberst - Cape Canaveral
The Black Crowes - The Last Place That Love Lives
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Learn How to Love

"Believe me, the reward is not so great without the struggle." - Wilma Rudolph

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