Thursday, June 5, 2014

do i watch the NBA Finals or do i go grocery shopping?

and before you think of my answer to that question, keep in mind that i am running on something like 4 hours of sleep, if i dare call it that. and given the fact that i tend to enjoy putting myself in uncomfortable situations (better poems), i will be going grocery shopping. now, i will be a kind soul and actually put on some deodorant and cologne. but, i refuse to do anything to my hair. now, the true dilemma is will i wear my purple Macho Man shirt or have another shirt over it? decisions, decisions...

the heating and air guy showed up today to do the normal maintenance on the air conditioner. of course they would show up on a day where it is cool enough that i have all the windows open. life.

i think it was late this morning that i finally, at least a little bit, got over the Game 1 loss by the New York Rangers. when i remembered that the 94 team lost Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final by the same score, i was able to take a breath. of course, i'm not sure if there is another Messier on this team.

the Yankees ended their losing streak today, winning 2-1. Tanaka and the bullpen pitched well enough and the offense did just enough. maybe getting out of New York will wake up the bats. they play tomorrow night in Kansas City.

i went back and checked the submissions i sent out early this morning/late last night. not as many mistakes as i feared. other than getting one email address wrong 3 different times. that was fun.

sent a book out to Sweden today. not nearly as painful as i feared it would be. amazing how simple the post office experience can be when the workers that actually know what the fuck they are doing are working. and, as an added bonus, the shipment that i was supposed to get tomorrow was actually ready today. that takes a load off of my mind. that shipment has my mom's birthday gifts in it.

sometime tonight i need to work in a long shower and get some sleep. but not before i do a little reading. i finally have given in to my obsession/fandom with Batman. so i will be reading The Killing Joke (The Deluxe Edition) tonight. i can't wait to see where my life goes now that i have opened that door.

that's pretty much all for today. unless something crazy happens at the grocery store, i will be on here sometime tomorrow. late afternoon most likely. it's supposed to be another beautiful, no humidity kind of day here. perfect for napping.

hope this finds everyone well. don't worry, the weekend is near.

until we meet again my enemies... peace and chicken grease


Pearl Jam - Live on Two Legs
Neil Young - Greatest Hits

"Paradise is exactly like where you are right now... only much, much better." - Laurie Anderson

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