Saturday, May 24, 2014

why can't the weather be like this all the time

hardly a cloud in the sky, in the low 70's with hardly any humidity. for a fat ass that likes to sit and watch television with the windows open, today has been a slice of heaven.

lots to get to, so away we go.

the Yankees finally got some runs last night and were on the verge of winning until DRob makes a horrible mistake pitch to Adam Dunn. sadly, 10 seconds before this happens i mention to my mother that he needs to careful to Dunn because a mistake will cost them the game. sure enough. but, the Yankees came back today in a game where they were comatose for 8 innings, to force extra innings while down 3 runs in the 9th (and down to their final out) and win it in the 10th 4-3 on a HR from Jacoby Ellsbury. first Yankees win in the south side of Chicago since 2011. and finally, my first victory beer in days.

i did get to watch ROH this afternoon so i won't have to try to stay up tonight to see it. another great episode.

i watched the playoff final to see what team would be in the Premier League next season. a stunning goal from a 10 man QPR in the final minute to win the game 1-0. hats off to them for playing down a man for nearly 35 minutes and still finding a way to win the game.

i also watched the Champions League final today as well. hopefully everyone saw it and understands why you should never try to sit on a lead. Real Madrid scores late to force extra time and then blows it wide open in the final 15 minutes of extra time to win 4-1. i'm happy for CR7 to win another title and to win one in his home country.

not a bad day of soccer at all.

as for tonight, i'll be flipping between some playoff hockey and playoff basketball. i also need to look at this website that i was asked to submit some poems for. i saw some of the names on it so far and i definitely believe i will try to come up with something for it.

thanks to everyone for the responses to my poems on Horror Sleaze Trash. i really appreciate it.

i saw a rabbit, 2 toads, and a snake while i was mowing yesterday. good to see the zoo is still going strong out here. i also believe that my cat Whitey actually had 4 kittens and not the 3 i thought she had earlier this month. these fuckers look like they are going to be monsters as well.

it was perfect yesterday for mowing. not even 70 degrees and a light breeze. i didn't get a sunburn and haven't got sick yet (knock on wood).

that's all for me kids. i'll be on here tomorrow sometime during all the car races. and it will be before the Sunday night festivities of a Rangers MUST WIN Game 4 and the shows i love on Showtime. plus, i want to see the movie on HBO as well. as always, who needs sleep.

a few new songs in the music section below. was up to 2:30 in the morning seeing how depressed i could get on iTunes. that should give it away i suppose. hope this finds everyone well. until tomorrow my enemies...

peace and chicken grease...


Corb Lund w/ Hayes Carll - Bible On the Dash
U2 - Bad (Live)
My Best Fiend - On the Shores of the Infinite
Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon
Pulp - Common People (Full Length Version)
Tricky - Aftermath

"All I can do is be me, whoever that is." - Bob Dylan

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