Thursday, May 29, 2014

may tonight be the night

i've been doing my best to think positive all day long. as you might imagine, it's nearly fucking impossible for me. but, i'm channeling all my emotions in the right direction at least.

tonight is Game 6 between the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens. the Rangers just need 1 more WIN and they will advance to the Stanley Cup Final. after being embarrassed in Game 5, i'd like to think tonight the "real" Rangers will be on the ice. if they can score first and Hank can start the game on fire, i do believe they will win. i could go without any overtimes or huge comebacks tonight. just win it in 60 minutes please. and if they do, let the party begin.

the Yankees offense showed up last night, which was funny, as they were playing a ton of backups last night. a nice 7-4 win in St. Louis to give them a winning road trip. they are off tonight as they prepare for a home game with the Twins on Friday. hopefully their mastery over that team at home continues.

i did get to see The Normal Heart last night. it certainly didn't feel as long as it was, which i take as a sign of a great movie. the acting in it was magnificent. i highly recommend it.

i heard back from Craig Scott over at Luciferous on my poetry submission from last month. he said he is shutting the site down so he isn't considering my work. so, there's 4 "new" poems to toss back on the pile. i'm planning on doing another submission in early June.

did a little shopping today online. can't turn down a clearance sale on some wrestling shit.

we did get some rain last night. about half an inch or so. that was plenty for the crops. a cold front is supposed to move through and take the humidity away for the weekend. i really hope that happens.

that's all for me today. i'm going to take a quick shower and then get ready for the game tonight. that will have ALL of my focus tonight. i imagine you'll know how the game turns out on my mood tomorrow.

be well. hope this finds everyone in a good mood.



Beastie Boys - Solid Gold Hits
Lou Reed - Transformer
Jay Z - The Blueprint 3

"Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men." - John F. Kennedy

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