Saturday, May 31, 2014

what a month

just got done folding my last load of laundry. like a dumb ass i turned the air off today and opened up the house. it's in the 80's today. no humidity but no real breeze either. good times.

after playing last night like they wanted to be somewhere else, (losing 6-1), the Yankees won today 3-1. helps that Tanaka pitched 8 strong innings and gave up 1 un-earned run. the defense absolutely fucking sucked today. hopefully they can rough up their former teammate tomorrow and win the series. knowing how this season has gone, Phil Hughes will look like Cy Young tomorrow.

i did watch Miami destroy Indiana last night to go to their 4th straight NBA Finals. that must have sucked to all the LeBron haters out there, watching him do something Michael Jordan never did.

also, i watched Chicago force a Game 7 be defeating the Kings out in Los Angeles. that should be interesting on Sunday night. i don't care who wins. just hope they play forever and have nothing left for the finals against the Rangers.

tonight, after i put my laundry away and make my bed for the first time in weeks, i plan on watching the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductions on HBO. that should be good. also, there's a new episode of ROH tonight. and a Game 6 in the NBA playoffs. so, i'll be bouncing around between those things.

i did a little poetry work last night. came up with 20 poems to send out. now i just need to figure out where they are going. i've got a few places in mind. the plan is to have another round of submissions out by June 6th.

had a little fun on iTunes today. came across a band i had never heard of, Royal Blood. i got their EP and i have to admit, it is really fucking good. definitely a band i will keep an eye out on.

i'll be on here tomorrow after the Yankees game and/or Team USA's friendly against Turkey. i'm hoping they play much better tomorrow than they did in their last game. i'd like to think they actually have a chance to make it out of group play in the World Cup. (i'm dreaming)

hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday. and hopefully you haven't been stuck inside doing the toilets and laundry like i have been today.

be well.


Ghost Loft - So High
Dr. Dog - Shadow People
Royal Blood - Out of the Black EP

"Re-examine all that you have been told... dismiss that which insults your soul." - Walt Whitman

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