Saturday, May 10, 2014

misery, continued

here it is, more than 24 hours later and i still can't keep anything in my stomach without racing to the bathroom within minutes. true fucking fun. was hoping this was just a 24 hour bug that i literally needed to shit out of my system. i suppose if it stays like this all weekend i'll be going to the hospital. good times.

the New York Rangers dug down deep last night and played their best game of the playoffs. a 5-1 win that was convincing and gave me hope that they can still win the series. game 6 is Sunday night at MSG. hopefully the power play (that ended an 0-36 skid last night) keeps clicking. if they can force a game 7, i like their chances as the Penguins struggle at home in game 7's.

the Yankees last night got another strong performance from Tanaka (now 5-0) to win 5-3. they play again tonight as CC takes the mound back in Milwaukee for the first time since he left i believe. that should be interesting.

also tonight i'll be watching Saturday Night Live, ROH, some playoff basketball and hockey, as long as i'm not spending the entire night on the toilet.

i did manage to type up 4 poems this afternoon. they are pretty good. that includes the one i wrote before i tried to get some more sleep. got nearly 2 hours. i believe it was more like passing out as it was just as the cold front was moving through and my back was in misery.

that's all for me. i'll be on here sometime tomorrow. probably after i have ruined mother's day with whatever the fuck i have going on inside of me. my sister will be annoyed beyond belief. that should be fun. probably mid-afternoon, after Manchester United's season has ended.

hope everyone is well. hope your weekend has started off MUCH better than mine. now back to your regularly scheduled programming.



Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (Deluxe Edition)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away

"I learn the most from making my own mistakes." - David Fincher

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