Wednesday, May 28, 2014

a night from hell

last night was a prime example of when you listen to your gut, you soon realize that your gut has shit for brains.

i had a good feeling about the New York Rangers. they lose 7-4. The King gets pulled, the team stages a comeback only to choke like a fucking dog in the end. Game 6 will be Thursday back at MSG. they better win it there as i want no part of a Game 7 in Montreal. i'm waiting to hear about any possible suspensions from last night. i'm willing to bet there will be at least one, perhaps two.

the Yankees only managed to get 5 hits and they lost 6-0. they need the injured players to get better SOON.

and team USA struggled for most of its match against Azerbaijan. they won 2-0 but when you struggle against the 85th best team in the world, how the fuck are you going to have any success in the group of death...(Ghana, Portugal, Germany)? easy answer, you won't. they have 2 more friendlies before the World Cup. i'm really hoping they play much, MUCH better in those 2 games.

i also realized last night that i totally missed the two episodes of Louie on Monday night. and i'm way too lazy and broke to find them online or pay for them, so i guess i'm going to have to pull a mini-marathon next Monday night. this is why i need a damn DVR.

i'm planning on watching The Normal Heart this evening. i'll end up missing a few innings of the Yankees game, but honestly, what am i really missing there.

i suppose i will also be watching some playoff basketball and hockey tonight as well.

it's supposed to storm here tonight. of course, it was supposed to do that the last few nights and we haven't got a drop. the crops need some damn rain. what little is coming up is all from the snow in the winter. i'd like to end this month with at least more than a few drops of rain.

i got my mother's birthday gift today on hopefully she will love it. i got some shit for myself as well. had to get to $35 for the free shipping. thank god i love cheap music.

saw today that Maya Angelou died. as did Malcolm Glazer. he happens to own Manchester United. i can't even begin to fathom who will be the third member of the group.

that's all for me today. i've been listening to classical music for the last 17 hours (off and on). most people that know me know i only listen to classical music when i'm angry. congrats if you just connected the dots.

be well. be creative. be the asshole that lets your lawn die. if mother nature wanted it green, it would rain.

peace and chicken grease fuckers...


Sibelius - The Best of Sibelius
Tchaikovsky - Greatest Hits
Beethoven - 25 Favorites

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." - Maya Angelou (April 4, 1928 - May 28, 2014)

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