Saturday, May 3, 2014

the run for the roses

i absolutely love this time of year. hockey and basketball playoffs, baseball, horse racing, just about every sport i love other than the big 2 college sports are going full stream. lovely. but, with that comes the highs and lows that any fanatic goes through.

last night, the New York Rangers won 3-2 in OT to defeat the Penguins for the first time EVER in a game 1 of a playoff series. since the boys have lost the previous 4 against them, i'm hoping this is a good sign. now, i could live without blowing a 2 goal lead again, or having to watch a game where one ref only has one good eye (which says something about how shitty the officiating truly has been in the playoffs this year when a ref with one good eye is better than someone with 2), but i am thrilled with that win. that game got over in time for me to turn over to the Yankees game.

the Yankees last night were trailing and then managed to tie the game twice late. so, by that time, i'm now invested in the game. but, after leaving a small army on base in extra innings, they lost 10-5 in 14 innings. that's usually how the baseball gods work. Tanaka was on the mound today, but he was not sharp to begin the game. but, the Yankees rallied once again, from down 3-0 to a 9-3 win. the offense finally scored the runs they didn't last night and the pitching was good enough, especially after they got the lead. CC goes tomorrow for the series win.

i was interested to see how Manchester United would play this morning against a Sunderland team that is fighting for their life in the league. sadly, the United players weren't as interested as i was. a 1-0 defeat to a team that hasn't won at Old Trafford in the league since i believe 1968. that should pretty much quiet the call for Giggs to be the full time manager. i really just want to get this damn season over with and forgotten as soon as possible.

i did catch ROH at noon today. that allowed me to take out some of my United anger there. another really good episode.

the rest of my day will be The Kentucky Derby and some playoff basketball. three game 7's should be fun to watch. plus, i do believe that playoff series between the Ducks and Kings gets started tonight.  and lastly, Saturday Night Live is new tonight. hopefully i will be able to stay awake for that.

the Rangers game tomorrow is at night, so my tv viewing on Sunday night is going to be pure fucking chaos. i will most likely do my blog tomorrow in the morning, probably before i get the trash out. and if mother nature complies tomorrow, i might actually attempt to get the grass mowed. it's been super fucking windy today, so it has really dried things out. now, if we can simply avoid the rain that is supposed to come overnight, i'll be a happy boy. if not, looks like the grass won't get mowed until Tuesday. and by then, parts of it will be about a foot high. good times.

that's all for me today kids. enjoy some hockey highlights and i will see you tomorrow. be well and be willing to tell a friend that they should buy my book. :)


The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main St.
The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten
Disturbed - The Lost Children

"I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it." - Niccolo Machiavelli

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