Wednesday, May 14, 2014

the thrill of victory

i believe my adrenaline is still running high from last night. the New York Rangers slayed another demon to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the second time in three years. the 2-1 victory over the crybaby Penguins last night was beautiful. the King stood on his head and became the first goalie in NHL history to win 5 straight game 7's. and when you think of all the great goalies that have played this sport, that's an accomplishment. they'll find out tonight who they play on Saturday. i think we have a better chance against Montreal though i would LOVE to beat Boston in the playoffs. below are the highlights from Game 7:
8 wins to go. halfway to the ultimate goal. The Stanley Cup.

also on the good/great news front, my health situation seems to have returned to normal. normal color. normal texture. not sure what the fuck i had but i am thrilled it is gone.

the Yankees last night got no pitching at all and lost 12-7. Tanaka goes tonight so they might have a chance. i'm really happy i didn't sit through that shit last night. injuries are slowly killing this team.

we are under a Tornado Watch until 9 tonight. so you might notice my music this afternoon has a bit of a theme. i did a little poetry work this afternoon and came up with 21 poems to send out, probably on Friday. i was a little surprised that i had that many poems sitting around.

i got 2 out of the 3 finalists correct on The Voice. i believe everyone knows that Christina made it because of all her YouTube fans. it will be a crime if she wins it all. Jake and Josh are much better than she is.

Deadliest Catch was pretty damn good last night. i have also started watching the show after it, Alaskan Bush People. i imagine i might get a few poems from that show.

on top of watching some playoff basketball and hockey tonight, i will be watching the final 2 episodes of Legit for this season. should be yet another busy night, as long as the storms cooperate.

and speaking of the weather, the skies are getting dark so i'm going to close up shop. hope this finds everyone well. if you enjoy this blog, tell a friend. or send me money. that will work as well.

peace and chicken grease my enemies. until tomorrow, long after i have erased the backlog of victory beers.


The Band of Heathens - Hurricane
The Steel Wheels - Rain In The Valley
The Gospel Whiskey Runners - Muddy Waters
Morphine - You Look Like Rain
Tune-Yards - Water Fountain
Heterotic w/Vezelay - Rain
William Fitzsimmons - From The Water
JJ Grey & Mofro - This River

"Real beauty knocks you a little bit off kilter." - David Byrne

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