Wednesday, May 7, 2014

bleary eyed insanity

it figures, the Yankees would win last night as i fell asleep somewhere around the 7th inning or so. i woke up at 2:30 AM and the tv was black with a little message on it saying that this broadcast is blacked out in your area. so, at least i know i was watching the game when i fell asleep. i checked my email and saw they won. saw some highlights on the internet and then enjoyed my victory beer. i had hoped that would help me sleep longer, which of course it didn't.

i was a little shocked at the results on The Voice last night. how Sisaundra didn't make it to the semi-finals is fucking crazy to me. she joins Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons as three of the best "voices" not to win The Voice. it also reaffirms my belief that America is still racist and dumb as fuck. they save the girl with 3 letters, KAT. not that she isn't great, but shit. the show is basically between Josh and Christina and her millions of YouTube fans. i'm secretly hoping Jake wins and all these fucking hipsters that don't know shit about music get so fucking outraged that they boycott the show. and then maybe some "real" singers get a chance. good thing i'm smart enough to know that will never happen.

i did enjoy Deadliest Catch last night, and i really enjoyed Wild Bill saying the word motherfucker. that made me laugh out loud. hopefully someone uses that in a rap somewhere, it was fucking hilarious.

none of the playoff games really surprised me last night. Minnesota beating Chicago by 4 goals was a little surprising, but that is a tough building to play in.

i'm really hoping the Rangers get their shit together tonight and even the series. this falls into a MUST win game tonight. i have avoided mowing the grass on days they play. seeing they have lost 2 in a row, i'm changing that up today. i suppose you could say i'm a little fucking superstitious.

and i will be falling asleep during the Yankees game again, just in case that helps them to get a win and win the series. once again, i'm crazy.

and somehow i'll try to squeeze in Legit and Ali G. tonight as well.

if you need a good cry or need to understand why i'm a pro wrestling fan, please check this out:
and if you watched that and didn't cry, either kill yourself or find your true profession and go into politics.

i'm not looking forward to mowing the grass today, though just by looking at it i know it really, REALLY needs to get cut. and given my shitty skin, i have to wear long sleeves and pants and SPF somewhere around 100 or so. and chances are, i'll still have a sunburn. good times.

hope this finds everyone well. hope you have or had a great day. if you read of some fat fuck dying on a riding lawnmower, chances are...



The Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight
Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers

"Ignorance is not innocent but sin." - Robert Browning

please watch this and share it. each view raises money for the March of Dimes:

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