Sunday, May 25, 2014

another stellar day... so far

yet another day where the sun is out, the temps are reasonable, low humidity, and no rain. one could get used to this. of course, it's Ohio, so it will be different tomorrow. too much of a good thing is discouraged in this state.

the guy who farms out here got the rest of the soybeans planted today. so, i do hope we get some rain soon so all the crops can get a good soaking. and then it can go back to being sunny.

i had a nice little run in with a raccoon this afternoon. caught the fucker trying to eat the cat food. of course, i had nothing to kill it with so i scared the shit out of it with a broom and a 2x4. at least i know why we're going through so much damn cat food here recently.

the Yankees won today 7-1 to split the series with the White Sox. Tanaka went back to his winning ways and Jeter had 4 hits. they play tomorrow in St. Louis.

i did watch most of the F1 race this morning. i'm not a huge F1 fan, but i do follow it occasionally. i also watched most of the Indy 500. i really wanted my favorite driver, Juan Pablo Montoya, to win, but he came in 5th. his damn mistake on pit road did him in. it was a great finish to the race with the lead going back and forth. after i get done with this i'll be watching a little NASCAR until the hockey game tonight.

the New York Rangers play a MUST WIN Game 4 tonight. my blood boils anytime i think about the game tonight. i really, REALLY hope they fucking kill Montreal tonight. and i'm not sure if i'm speaking figuratively or not on that. i do want to see them get a 3-1 advantage in the series. not sure how the Rangers cope with their top center out to injury. i'm hoping the crowd gives them a huge lift and some role players step up HUGE. i'll be completely wired in on that tonight.

after that, i'm going to try to figure out how to fit in Nurse Jackie, Californication, and Penny Dreadful in along with the HBO movie tonight, The Normal Heart. i've got the feeling that i'll end up watching the HBO movie some other day.

i wrote 8 poems last night and submitted them for the Midnight on the Stroll Poetry Contest. you can find more info on that at the early feel i get from the editor is that i'm going to have a few poems accepted for it. more on that in a week or so.

i always love when i can write something on the spot and someone else really likes it.

well, that's all for me today. not sure when i'll be on here tomorrow. might be doing the cemetery tour tomorrow for Memorial Day. it will be probably after the Yankees game. or, if the weather somehow turns to shit, it might be early.

hope everyone is having a great weekend. if you do have plans for Memorial Day tomorrow, be safe. have fun. only fuck the ones that cough.

peace and chicken grease my enemies...


The Allman Brothers Band - Whipping Post
Muddy Waters - Champagne & Reefer (Live)
Love and Rockets - So Alive
The Delta Riggs - Anybody Home
Trampled by Turtles - Where Is My Mind? (Live)

"Money can't buy love, but it improves your bargaining position." - Christopher Marlowe

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