Tuesday, May 6, 2014

a slight glimpse of hope

last night was another of those sports nights that i wish i would have been a comic book fan and never liked sports at all. but, thankfully, this afternoon has offered a glimpse of hope.

Manchester United won 3-1 over Hull City with James Wilson getting the first 2 goals on his debut with the senior team. not bad for 18 years old. RVP got the other goal on an assist from Ryan Giggs, who played the last 20 minutes of the game. he nearly scored but the goalie made a great save. i did laugh when the announcers said that the goalie must not have read the script since this was likely Giggs' last game at Old Trafford as a player. first season out of the 23 that he didn't score. unless of course he plays on Sunday. that will mark the end of this horrific season and the start to the summer of who knows what the fuck is going to happen next. thankfully, i'll have the World Cup to keep my mind from constantly thinking about it.

as for last night, the New York Rangers lost 2-0 in game 3. that's 2 straight games that they haven't scored. the power play showed signs of life last night but couldn't score, which is beyond frustrating by now. they better tie this series up in game 4 or it is going to be over soon.

the Yankees invented another way to lose last night. top of the 8th, bases loaded and no outs and they can't get anyone in. of course, a bad call from the umpire is the excuse these assholes will use. and then in the bottom of the 8th they walk FIVE straight batters to give the Angels the game, 4-1. that drove my frustration to the point that i was up until 4 in the morning.

Louie was excellent last night. both episodes made me laugh. the poker table scene was the best tv i have seen in 2014. helps when some of my favorite comics are involved.

Monday Night Raw was pretty good as well. i thought the show kept a decent pace for most of the evening even though the crowd was absolutely dead at times.

The Voice last night was really, really good. i have no clue who is going home tonight. i believe they cut it from 8 to 5 this evening. chances are there will be 3 people that could have won the whole thing going home tonight. i really think the talent this season is strong.

as for tonight, after The Voice will be Deadliest Catch. after that will be my torture of watching the Yankees. i imagine i will be watching some playoff hockey and basketball as well this evening. and hopefully i will be getting to sleep much earlier than last night.

i am planning on mowing the grass tomorrow. both of my legs feel much better and the weather looks like it is going to be great. i want to start sometime in the late morning so i can be done in time to get a shower in before the New York Rangers play again.

chances are i will write my next blog in the morning. i doubt i will be interested in writing after hours in the sun. i doubt i will be interested in doing anything.

hope this finds everyone well. hopefully your teams are doing better than mine. these are the days i wish i had a woman that could take my mind off of things. my hands are developing carpal tunnel i believe. enjoy that visual.

peace and chicken grease...


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"Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock." - Sigmund Freud

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