Friday, May 16, 2014

been a busy boy today

since i chose to sleep last night instead of typing like a bleary eyed asshole at 3 in the morning, i had plenty of typing to do this morning. i managed to get it all done in a few hours. a little faster than i expected actually. i sent out 21 poems today, 6 to ZYX and 3 each to Pyrokinection, Napalm and Novocain, The Camel Saloon, Dead Snakes, and Pink Litter. a big thank you to A.J. for getting back to me so quickly on my submissions to Pyrokinection and Napalm and Novocain. as an old school fucker in this game, i'm still wrapping my head around submitting some work and finding out in a few hours if it was accepted or not. i suppose the days of mailing them out and waiting for weeks are just about over. i still know a few places that still go the old school way. anywho, when i hear back from the other places, i will pass along the verdicts here.

the sun has managed to appear today. briefly. it's still cold as shit for May, but at least it looks bright and warm. of course, i still have the heat on in the house.

the Yankees got much better pitching last night than i was expecting to win 1-0 over the Mets. hard to believe that was the first 1-0 game in the history of the Subway Series. at least the Yankees got a split this year. tonight's game with the Pirates has been rained out already. so, they are going to play a doubleheader on Sunday. should be interesting to see how they set up the pitching for that.

i spent a good portion of last night playing music educator to a friend. she basically only knows certain kinds of music and artists. so i'm going to have some fun exposing her to the VAST range of music i listen to each day.

the season finale of The Big Bang Theory was interesting. should give the writers plenty of room to move around with the characters for next season.

not sure what i'm going to watch tonight other than Game 7 between the Ducks and the Kings. that should be a fun one to watch.

i probably will not be on here tomorrow until after the Rangers game and maybe even after the horse race. tomorrow looks like wall to wall sports that i give a shit about. between the FA Cup, the Eastern Conference Finals in hockey, The Preakness, baseball, etc... i'll have to carve out a few moments for this blog sometime before the sun goes down.

i do hope everyone has a great weekend. hopefully your weekend has started early and you're in the process of getting hammered as you read this. or maybe i just gave you a great idea.

until tomorrow, peace and chicken grease...


The Band of Heathens - Look At Miss Ohio
JJ Grey & Mofro - The Sun Is Shining Down
The Dan Band - Total Eclipse of the Heart (Live)
Tegan and Sara w/The Lonely Island - Everything is AWESOME!!!
Little Dragon - Klapp Klapp
Banks - Goddess

"You don't have to hold onto the pain to hold onto the memory." - Janet Jackson

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