Thursday, October 22, 2015

now the fun begins

well, i got the news on my uncle today. they believe it is colon cancer. and the cancer is so involved with the intestines and other shit, that they aren't going to do any surgery. so i suppose when he told my mother that he felt like he was going to die this year, he was probably prophetic in that statement. like this family doesn't hate the holidays enough... my mother is crushed by this news. she can't understand how the cancer never showed up of any scans or tests over the last year. i have no clue how my sister is taking this as she is much closer to my uncle than i am. i can't help but think that both my sister and i have colon cancer on both sides of our family now. talk about losing the genetic lottery. i have no clue what is going to happen next. i suppose hospice care at home is the most likely, which my mother has already told me i'm on shit duty. good times. as you might imagine, chalk today up as another one i'd love to forget.

Manchester United got a 1-1 draw yesterday against CSKA Moscow. any point on the road is a good one but i can't help but think if the two mistakes in the first half didn't happen, United leaves with all 3 points. i blame their goal more on Phil Jones than Anthony Martial. sure, the handball is inexcusable in the box but who the fuck falls asleep on a penalty kick. De Gea did his job making the save, Phil has to get to that ball first. Martial tied the game in the second half with a well placed header. hopefully they can put the game out of their heads quickly as they have the Manchester derby on Sunday.

NXT was interesting last night. the women, as always, were excellent. Asuka will be excellent in the company. the other matches were ok but nothing special. that should change in 2 weeks when Apollo Crews takes on Finn Balor.

our DIRECTV fucked up right at 10 PM last night. it was like everything was fucking frozen. 30 minutes later everything was back to working. i have no fucking clue what happened. all i know is the shit froze right as American Horror Story: Hotel was getting ready to record.

so my disjointed viewing of American Horror Story last night made it really interesting. the show was excellent once again. the cast this season is close to perfect. Lady Gaga has fit much better than i thought she would.

You're The Worst answered the big question that the show was teasing for weeks. i'm really interested to see how they handle clinical depression in a comedy show.

enjoy some music kids:

and now some of this and that:

on the DVR tonight will be WWE Smackdown, mostly so i can see the debut of Tyler Breeze. he's a guy that should have been up on the main roster a long time ago. he absolutely owns the Prince Pretty gimmick.

the New York Rangers face the Coyotes tonight, or as i 'm calling it the return of Anthony Duclair. i really hope he doesn't put on a show tonight. but, i fear that he would love to show us fans what we're missing.

i don't have anyone going in the NFL game tonight. i'll probably watch some of it as both Seattle and San Francisco hate each other. amazingly (knock on wood) i don't have many injury concerns this week in fantasy football. i can't believe all 3 of my teams are on 5 game winning streaks. that's bound to end sometime. hopefully not soon.

i'm still on my mother's rarely used laptop. i have set it up in the kitchen. mostly because i'm too lazy to take apart the old computer to make room for this in my room. it's interesting sitting here with just some slow music playing. we have 8 windows in the kitchen, so my imagination tends to start to go a little nuts at times. hopefully it makes for some interesting poems.

mom is talking to me right now about how my sister is adamant that my uncle gets a second opinion. after seeing what happened to my stepfather in this town with cancer, i'm with her. with the facilities in Columbus and Cleveland, it wouldn't hurt for him to get a second opinion. fuck, once again, cancer has taken over my fucking life.


that's all for me today. i have no fucking clue when i'll be on here tomorrow as mom is saying we might go to the hospital. good times.

as always, i hope this finds you in a much, MUCH better place than i am.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


U2 - Bad (Live)
Trent Reznor - Hurt (Live)
Gov't Mule - Presence of the Lord (Live)

"You're only as young as the last time you changed your mind." - Timothy Leary

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