Wednesday, October 7, 2015

goodbye to baseball

the only good thing about the New York Yankees losing last night (3-0) is i can turn my attention to hockey now and not give two shits about baseball. the Yankees couldn't do shit last night. as soon as Tanaka gave up the first solo home run, i knew the game was pretty much over. as soon as the game ended, i turned the television off and poured myself something strong. i had poems to type up.

i typed up the poems and i am pretty happy with them. i've got a little batch of poems that will probably go out in my next round of submissions. i also found out that my interview with Your One Phone Call will run on October 18th.

since i couldn't stand how the game was going last night, i was able to watch my shows without really missing anything. The Muppets was very funny last night. i think that was the best show they have done so far. Scream Queens was fucking hilarious. it is slowly becoming a favorite of mine. for some reason, the DVR didn't start recording The Voice last night. luckily i caught that 4 minutes into the show. it was mostly a recap show of the blind auditions. the battle rounds do look like they will be entertaining.

amazingly, i got all the players i wanted in fantasy football this week. hopefully they do as well as i think they will. my suicide pick this week is Denver.

here's some music kids:

and now some of this and that:

tonight is another glorious clusterfuck on television. wrestling, hockey, You're The Worst and American Horror Story on at the same time.

on the WWE Network will by NXT Takeover: Respect. the main event will be an iron man match between Sasha Banks and Bayley. if it is anything like their last match, it will be another instant classic. after that on Table for 3, three of my favorite wrestlers will be shooting the shit, Kevin Owens, Cesaro and Dean Ambrose. so there's a good chunk of my evening.

the New York Rangers start their season tonight in Chicago. i will happily skip most of the pregame shit since the Stanley Cup will be out again, the raising of the banner, etc., etc. i'm hoping the Rangers get off to a good start since i will see them Friday up in Columbus. we went with the 6 game package this season; Rangers, Maple Leafs, Predators, Avalanche, Lightning and Blackhawks. that last game against Chicago could be really interesting if Columbus needs a victory to make the playoffs.

also tonight one of my favorite shows returns, American Horror Story. i will be triple checking the DVR to make sure that records. the promos for this season look fucking amazing. and adding Lady Gaga to the cast will surely make it even crazier. You're The Worst looks like it should be good tonight as well.

made sure my fantasy hockey team is ready to go tonight. so far, i've only made one change to what i drafted. i couldn't pass up the chance to get someone that's going to play on Chicago's top line.

the weather here the last few days is about as close to perfect as this place can get. it's been years since we could keep the windows open day and night for consecutive days it seems. but as usual here, it looks like it's going to rain this weekend. fucking figures.

hopefully i will be on here tomorrow with good news to report. thankfully, no more Yankees slumps to bitch about.

i hope everyone is lounging in a favorite chair, stress free and enjoying something at the moment. (insert your favorite vice here)

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


U2 - All I Want Is You
Lana Del Rey - Video Games
John Prine - Clay Pigeons
Deana Carter - Strawberry Wine
Prince - Purple Rain

"Ultimately life is disease, death and oblivion. It's still better than high school." - Dan Savage

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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