Monday, October 5, 2015

never had any dreams of being rich and famous

yesterday was one of those days where it seemed like every fucking thing that could happen, did. horrible losses, unexpected emails, thrilling wins, a stunning new beer, holy shit moments on my favorite show, etc, etc. i suppose i should start at the bottom.

Manchester United got the shit beat out of them yesterday 3-0. Arsenal was ready from the start and i don't think United was ever ready for the game. it was a little hard to watch when it was 3-0 in something like 20 minutes. and it was painfully obvious that all United was doing was making sure the lead didn't get any bigger. that's a game i'll hope to erase from my brain one of these days. they go from 1st to 3rd in the league. not good.

i had a decent day in fantasy football. i have already won one of my matchups and i am leading in the other two. as for picks, i have more wins than losses. i guess that's good. i have a couple players going tonight in the Seattle vs. Detroit game. as for fantasy hockey, i should have a much less stressful season as i only have 1 New York Rangers player on my team. that season begins on Wednesday.

a quick poetry update. i heard back from A.J. at Pyrokinection on my recent poetry submission. she decided to pass. i also heard from Dai at Your One Phone Call yesterday. i was asked if i wanted to do their weekly interview series. i said absolutely and spent a good portion of this afternoon answering 10 questions. not sure when it will run but i will definitely whore the link to it around.

i did not have high hopes when the Saints took on the Cowboys last night. Drew Brees looked good, but it was obvious that he was playing injured. but as the game went on and it looked like the Saints actually had a shot to win the game, i went into full fan mode. so you can imagine my anger when the Saints kicker missed a chip shot field goal that sent the game into overtime. thankfully, the Saints won the toss and then this happened.
hello victory beer.

i've been trying these Shock Top beers as i had a rebate for them. i tried this Honey Apple beer last night that was fucking great. i have a few others to try, but i'm thinking they might get added to my go to list.

the New York Yankees lost again yesterday, 9-4. but it didn't matter as somehow the Astros lost yesterday. so the wild card game will be at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday. saw the news today that CC has left the team to go enter alcohol rehab. that certainly came out of nowhere. hopefully he gets control of his disease. i have no clue who replaces him on the playoff roster. i think they are basically just down to a few pitchers anyway, so it probably doesn't matter. if the Yankees somehow win tomorrow, they will face the Royals. frankly, they don't match up well with anyone in the playoffs, so i'm not getting my hopes up.

the Sunday night shows were excellent. the season finale of The Strain had everything. some true holy shit moments, to heartbreak, to i fucking hope there is a season three. Homeland was great. this season looks like it is going to be another glorious mind fuck. The Affair was awesome last night. i love that they are bringing in even more perspectives to the story. that will certainly make it even more interesting. lastly, Last Week Tonight hit another home run on a topic that is near and dear to me:

time for some music kids:

and now some of this and that:

tonight will be the Monday clusterfuck on the DVR. i'll be recording Gotham, The Voice, The Big Bang Theory and Life in Pieces. i'll be flipping between Monday Night Raw and Monday Night football while those shows will be recording.

today has been mostly sunny and in the 70's all damn day. i opened the windows and even gave the birds some fresh birdseed. this is one of those days where i wish we had a deck where i could just take a bottle of wine and go relax for a few hours.

that's all for me today. i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. i'm off to go wash my balls before i spend the evening lounging. enjoy the visual.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Metallica - Enter Sandman (Live)
Rival Sons - Electric Man
The Firm - Satisfaction Guaranteed
Nine Inch Nails - Discipline
Luniz - I Got 5 On It

"I came from a place where there wasn't a lot of joy." - Bernie Mac

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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