Monday, October 19, 2015

not the best day for my computer to fuck up

as i have grown older, i certainly understand that shit will happen regardless of whatever any of us have going on in our lives. so it makes perfect sense that in the middle of fantasy football season, in the middle of me sending poems, in the middle of me constantly checking emails and trying to make sure i keep up on the little social media i can stomach... it makes perfect fucking sense for my computer to just royally fuck up today. i can turn it on and then nothing else happens. i've tried every damn troubleshooting method i have found and nothing has worked. so i'm now using my mother's rarely used laptop that she bought a year or so ago but never learned how to use. thankfully, i'm a quick learner. not sure what we're going to do with the old computer. i know i would like to get all the shit that's on the hard drive off of it. just something i was completely unprepared for. fuck me.

so i have no clue how this blog is going to turn out. and i have no clue if i'm going to continue to blog each day.

in other news...

i got some crazy mail today from Nocturnal Productions. not everyday that i get some music and crazy shit in the mail. i'm sure the mailman was amused.

i did pretty good in fantasy football yesterday. pretty good could be great depending on what happens tonight. it all comes down to the Giants QB and kicker,

i tried to pull a fast one in fantasy hockey yesterday and that blew up in my face. good times.

the New York Rangers lost in OT yesterday 2-1. this fucking losing is getting old. plus, it was the first win of the season for New Jersey. yuck. the Rangers will hopefully end their losing streak tonight against San Jose.

the shows last night were excellent. Homeland had yet another HOLY FUCKING SHIT ending that was awesome. The Affair was great as well. and once again, Last Week Tonight hit another one out of the park:

enjoy some music kids:

and now some of this and that:

tonight is yet another clusterfuck Monday. on the DVR tonight will be The Voice, Gotham, The Big Bang Theory and Life in Pieces. i will be flipping between hockey, football and Monday Night Raw. tonight's episode should be really good as they have a pay per view coming up on Sunday.

i may sneak in Men in Blazers tonight as i will probably need some laughs.

the truly shitty thing about my computer being fucked up is just how much music i have on there that i only have on there. i'm sure i looked crazy as hell today with all the tunes only playing in my head.

i have no clue when i will be on here tomorrow. i may end spending the day trying to find the right person to fix the computer or just biting the damn bullet and getting a new one. as i told my mother today, i suppose Windows 10 is truly meant for computers made in 2015 and not the ones made earlier, like the two we use all the time.

if anyone has any tips for me on the computer and what could possible be wrong, feel free to email me at

i hope everyone had a great weekend. mine certainly could have been better.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


just some crazy beats running through my head

"I am not a politician... I only suffer the consequences." - Peter Tosh

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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