Thursday, August 7, 2014

who needs sleep

i found myself up at something like 4 in the morning, catching up on some television i missed, wondering why do i even bother with sleep anymore. my life is a series of naps anymore. so be it.

the Yankees got some great pitching last night and some very timely hitting to beat another former Cy Young winner, 5-1. they go for the series win this afternoon.

i caught up on the episode of Hard Knocks i missed the other night on HBO. as a Saints fan, i'm watching this with part laughter and part trying to learn the secrets of the enemy. i do like the false bravado of these assholes. no wonder the Falcons stunk last year.

Big Brother was interesting last night. and i surely thought i knew who was going to be evicted tonight until i read what happened in the house last night. now, i really have no clue who is going to go out with the first vote tonight, let alone, the second eviction tonight. i love the double eviction nights. let the chaos begin.

Wilfred was really good last night. they have set up the series finale next week perfectly. can't wait.

The Bridge was brilliant as always last night. another couple of twists that really will take the show to yet another level. i absolutely love this show.

had a really great conversation with a publisher last night that really brought my confidence way back up. just the shot of energy i needed. so, thank you Chris Byck. best of luck with your new job.

i'm looking forward to the new episodes of Married and You're the Worst tonight on FX.

i figure i'll be watching the Yankees game today while i'm cleaning out my closet. hopefully it is a long ass game as i haven't touched that damn thing in years.

that's really all for me today. i do hope this finds everyone well. and please, if you do like this blog or my writing, etc., TELL THE REST OF THE FUCKING WORLD...

be well. be cool. be creative. be quick to send me cash, panties, hate mail, whatever your heart desires.

peace and chicken grease my enemies...


Kiesza - What Is Love
Aimee Mann - The Scientist (Live)
Grace Potter - I Shall Be Released (Live)

"I always dreamt of being a basketball player. A dream that only I believed in." - David Duchovny

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