Friday, August 29, 2014

another holiday weekend

had a crazy night last night with my shitty finances, so i decided to just lay low today and do close to nothing. little did i know, i should have just stayed in bed or swallowed a shotgun.

i'm pretty low on gas and since they normally raise prices through the roof on holiday weekends, i figured it would make more financial sense if i just stayed home today. i tried to make a little money on surveys, to no avail. i do have some checks coming. hopefully they come EARLY next month. had to have mom make some payments for me as i'm pretty sure those checks aren't in the mail today. i'll know for sure whenever she gets home.

i watched a little college football last night. was shocked at what Texas A&M did. i guess that offense won't miss Johnny Football after all. i did like the new SEC Network. that will take some getting used to.

Big Brother went as expected last night. they finally had an endurance HOH competition last night. if you've been following the show, you can imagine who won that. Sunday will be another boring episode.

Married was really good last night. You're the Worst was great and filthy last night. i really love that show.

had a long day today. sometimes i get to talking to myself about my past, about my future, etc., and it tends to always get me in a pretty dark place. that always makes it interesting when one of my friends needs my counseling. there's nothing worse than two stubborn people arguing about the same point they agree on... it's this slow realization that my parents did absolutely nothing when i told them i was molested by my female cousin that is crushing me. i never wanted to believe it. i never wanted to think i wasn't worth their love or their effort to defend me. but, that's the reality i'm stuck in. when you look back and know that your chance to have a "normal" life stopped at age 4, it gets a little heartbreaking. but, i suppose i truly understand why i write. it's much easier than killing people.

the Yankees play tonight in Toronto. this is a MUST sweep series. hopefully they start that process tonight.

other than that tonight, i'm hoping to get to bed early as Manchester United plays in the morning. i guess i will do my blog after that as Ohio State and the Yankees play tomorrow afternoon. here's hoping United wins or that blog is going to be a fucking vicious rant.

that's enough soul baring for today. thank you for allowing me to waste a few minutes of your precious time.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises, and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease my enemies... enjoy the holiday weekend.


Arcade Fire - Wake Up
Blackberry Smoke - Ain't Much Left Of Me (Acoustic)
Portugal. The Man - Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue
The Blackout City Kids - Wrong Turn
Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground
Blackberry Smoke - Come Go With Us
The Stone Roses - Love Spreads

"Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must finish him." - John Locke

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