Thursday, August 14, 2014

sensory overload

next time i think it's a good decision to go to the store around 5 PM on a weekday, either talk sense into me or shoot me in the fucking head. too many people, way too many children, not everything stocked... the only good thing was nearly all the checkout lines were open and the woman bagging our groceries didn't bite my head off when i asked for some things in paper bags.

we went to the tractor supply store before that to get food for the zoo out here. i believe my cat Tolstoy might be on the dead list. haven't seen it in about 2 weeks. 2 more and it'll be scratched off the list.

was happy for Zach last night on Big Brother. i'm pretty sure Nicole will be leaving tonight. hopefully the next HOH will be able to get Frankie or Christine out next.

Wilfred was great last night. a nice mix of sadness and laughs. plus, most of the questions got answered. definitely a show that i will miss.

The Bridge was great again last night. i loved the ending. can't wait to see where it goes next week.

i also watched Brew Dogs on the Esquire Network last night. i try to catch that show when i can. one, just in case i travel, i'll know where the good bars are. two, i love beer. i highly recommend the show if you do as well.

after Big Brother tonight, i'll be watching Married and You're The Worst on FX.

i caught part 2 of The Jim Norton Show today on if you love comics busting each other's balls, go check it out.

the Yankees had a lead last night. but, since the manager only trusts 2 relievers, he rolled the dice last night and tried to get 3 innings from a guy who normally doesn't go longer than 2. sure enough, he gives up a tying home run in the 3rd inning of work. and then, in comes a guy he doesn't trust, and he gives up a 3 run homer. the Yankees got back a run in the 9th and at least gave themselves a chance to tie the game, but, as is the story of this season, they came up short. a 5-3 loss that makes it more and more likely that Jeter's last season will be like Mo's last season. one with no playoffs. thankfully, they are off tonight before they go down to play in that dump in Tampa.

i feel bad for my mother. she's under so much stress and her ear is starting to fuck with her again. i had a conversation yesterday with her trying to make her understand why she is stressed and why she shouldn't be. mom is the kind of person that just wants to do her job, do it well, get paid accordingly, and go about her life. sadly, she picked the wrong profession, as she works with a bunch of glory fuckers. i related it like this: they don't want to find the cure for cancer, they simply want their name on it. this is where her stress comes from as she's not a glory fucker. i told her to either become one or quit giving a shit that they are. all i'm really trying to do is make sure she doesn't croak anytime soon. at least not until more of the bills are paid off.

yes, yes, i know, i'm going to hell for that last line. i'm trying to enjoy the ride.

well, that's all for me kids. see you tomorrow.

be well. be cool. be creative. be quick to send me CASH, love letters, panties, hate mail, broken promises, and old baseball cards.

peace and chicken grease...


Jeffrey Gaines - In Your Eyes (Live)
Ashley Monroe - Weed Instead of Roses
Thriving Ivory - Angels On the Moon
The Horrors - Still Life
The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday

"If you see the magic in a fairy tale, you can face the future." - Danielle Steel

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