Thursday, August 28, 2014

sometimes it's better off to be...

i had a conversation with the muse last night. first time we had spoke since she moved. eventually, as all our conversations devolve into when she's dead tired, she got on her soapbox that i should quit this writing dream and get a job like the rest of the world. this always makes me laugh, as this has been a part of her conversation with me for over a decade now. i'm sure she loves me and has my best interest at heart, but, as a stubborn person herself, she surely must understand that i'm way too invested in this dream to piss it away now. i look at it this way. this writing dream has me on the phone with a beautiful woman at 3 in the morning, laughing, as i picture her naked eating mac and cheese. like i would trade that for a 9 to 5 or another trip back into the factory. yes, i'm poor. yes, i can't afford hardly anything i want. but i have never let a little thing called money get in the way of me living my life. there comes the rub. i'm not living the life they want me to live. the joy of being an individual is understanding that sometimes it's better off to be alone. all alone. that makes it much easier to decipher the noise of the agenda of others.

now, i step off of my soapbox...

the Yankees exploded last night in the 3rd inning, getting 9 straight hits. that was truly a holy shit thing to watch. they went on to win 8-4. they play again this afternoon. hopefully they can keep the hits coming and win again.

Big Brother last night was boring, which is truly what i expected once they got rid of Zach. tonight, Donny will be evicted and the show will get even more boring.

Brew Dogs was excellent last night. the more i watch shit about home brewing, the more i am considering making my own alcohol.

The Bridge last night was spectacular. it had a little of everything last night. plus, another great ending. i can't wait until next week.

as for tonight, other than Big Brother, i'll be bouncing between some college football games, Married and You're the Worst on FX, and god knows what else.

i also need to get some shit done around the house today. some sweeping and other cleaning mostly. mom went to work today. so, mostly it will be about managing my time between watching porn and getting shit done.

that's all for me. thanks again for allowing me to waste some of your precious time.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises, and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease my enemies...


The Glitch Mob - Drive It Like You Stole It
The Glitch Mob w/Swan - Between Two Points

"Being true to yourself really means being true to all the complexities of the human spirit." - Rita Dove

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