Sunday, October 6, 2013

what to do when the power goes out

so i was sitting in my chair last night watching Ohio State struggle and out of nowhere everything goes black. and unlike most times out here, the power didn't come right back on. lovely. so, there was the blind scramble to find flashlights, radios, etc. that was comical. thankfully most of the flashlights we have don't need batteries. so after a few cranks, we had some light at least.

i finally found the radio, which still worked shockingly. i found the Ohio State game and listened through the static. they came back to win 40-30. it went just about as i feared. they took Northwestern lightly and nearly paid for it. i haven't enjoyed that victory beer just yet. i imagine that will come during Sunday Ticket.

the power came back on at 1:50 AM or so. i caught the last few minutes of ROH. love the heel Adam Cole. i missed all of Saturday Night Live. after i got clocks set once again and checked all the things out here that need to be checked in power outages, i got on the computer and tried to update myself on the 3 hours i had missed. looks like i missed some great college football finishes. not sure how good SNL was, i've only seen a few clips so far.

tonight will be an odd one, or at least has the potential of it. the rain is supposed to get heavy later this afternoon. we are under a flood watch. mom said the creek down at the end of the lane is pretty high. could be interesting when i have to take the trash down. i'm hoping to wait until all the bad weather goes through. so, i might be taking down the trash at 3 in the morning. lovely.

so, if the power stays on and the satellite doesn't get swamped my mother nature; it's a full day of football, the Sunday night shows (Boardwalk Empire, Eastbound and Down, Hello Ladies, Homeland, Masters of Sex) and then some more football. and somewhere in between i need to feed the cats and eat. i picked up most of the trash last night while Ohio State was pissing me off.

a quick poetry note: the 2 poems i've had published or accepted recently were not the poems i thought were going to be used. it's funny how often an editor or publisher surprises me. i didn't think either poem was great. goes to show you what i know. so, i suppose what i'm saying is don't let your own head stop your submissions. throw as much shit against the wall and hope something sticks. that being said, i have some poems i really love that need a home. i figure i'll be sending out some poems in the middle of this coming week.

that's pretty much all for me. hope this finds you dry and laughing at a guy in Ohio wondering how his old truck is going to do on a water covered bridge in a few hours.


Valerie June - Pushin' Against A Stone

"A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing." - Emo Philips

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