Friday, October 25, 2013

seeing the sun again

amazing what a little sunshine can do. i shouldn't be in a good mood today, yet amazingly i am. and with the sun out, some more work was able to get done on the barns. it's actually starting to look like a farm again.

the New York Rangers played pretty good last night, but good doesn't equal wins. a 2-1 loss that didn't surprise me much given the number of injuries the team has. more importantly, the injured are the 3 best players on the team. i'd hate to see where this team would be if Brad Richards didn't start off the season hot. one more game on the road trip from hell before the home opener.

The Big Bang Theory was pretty damn funny last night. i did get a good laugh from the song near the end of the episode.

i did watch plenty of that shitty NFL game last night. i'm down by 26 points in one fantasy league now. needless to say i wasn't very pleased.

i was happy to see the Red Sox lost.

i had a good laugh watching the 1 kitten that has survived rolling around in the sunshine today. mind you, it's still well below normal temperature wise. and it was on concrete. not sure if the cats like that we are having the place fixed up or not. they seem to enjoy the mess.

a big sports weekend coming up. it's that time of year again where i venture out into public for college basketball. that's where i'll be tomorrow afternoon for the University of Dayton's first exhibition game of the season. they usually draw around 10,000 or more fans for each game. given my hatred of people, that tends to get interesting. also, tomorrow Manchester United plays in the morning and Ohio State plays in the evening. hopefully, 3 victory beers.

that's all for today. hope everyone has a great weekend. i'll try to find a few minutes between games tomorrow to give some updates. and given that we only had 3 pieces of mail in the box today, i'm guessing tomorrow or Monday it will be full. hopefully, as i'm waiting on a few things.

be well, take it easy, and if it's easy, take it again.


Hayes Carll - KMAG YOYO (& other American stories)
The Charlie Daniels Band - A Decade of Hits
Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks (Deluxe Edition)
Gin Wigmore - Gravel & Wine
Valerie June - Pushin' Against a Stone

"The chief enemy of creativity is 'good' sense." - Pablo Picasso

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