Thursday, October 24, 2013

a cold, miserable day

i said to my mother last night that i guess that we've skipped right to winter. i said it as a joke. but after yet another day where it struggled to get to 40 degrees, i guess 3 days of autumn are all we get this year. and i just love these fucking days where the sun never shines and the corn is still in the field. only good thing is this weather is made for fat people. so, my wardrobe gets to expand.

Duck Dynasty was pretty funny last night. i've never been much of a Halloween guy myself, though i do agree with Willie about scaring the shit out of little kids. good fun.

American Horror Story was excellent last night. i didn't see the ending coming at all. i'm kicking myself for only catching bits and pieces of this series in the past.

so, after The Big Bang Theory tonight, i have a decision to make. do i watch a shitty NFL game tonight that i unfortunately have fantasy players in or do i watch a hockey game with 2 shitty teams in it, one being the New York Rangers? decisions, decisions. of course, i do think there is come college football on around the same time...

sorry for being so short today. i've got some underwear to go fold from the dryer. i always think about what my mother said once on days like these... i'll make some woman a wonderful wife one day. i do dishes, laundry, vacuum, toilets, take out the trash and mow the lawn. i want to believe she was saying it in jest...

until tomorrow. peace and chicken grease.


Social Distortion - Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
The Cure - Galore

"Art is either plagiarism or revolution." - Paul Gauguin

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