Wednesday, October 23, 2013

welcome to winter?

so i woke up this morning to snowflakes and the need to take a shit for the first time in 41 hours. thankfully, it was just a dusting, the snow that is. the shit was like dropping boulders off a skyscraper. painful for those below.

changed our water filter today. amazingly, it wasn't nearly as bad as i feared it would be after 2 weeks. maybe it's slowly getting back to normal.

back on the winter tip, another damn freeze warning here tonight. i'm typing this as i sit and look at the corn still in the damn field. not good.

watched Manchester United in Champions League play this afternoon. had a bad feeling about today as 3 main pieces were missing from the team. not even on the bench. thankfully, United started out strong and got a lucky own goal to go ahead just 69 seconds in the game. i thought this will be the game they break out of their doldrums. shows what i know. they created chance after chance, hit a couple more posts, but didn't score. thankfully, the opponent never scored either. i'll gladly take the 3 points and the victory beer. but, this team needs to wake the fuck up soon. and in case anyone wonders why most of the United fans have been begging for Kagawa to be playing, today was the perfect example of why he should always be in the lineup. perhaps Moyes saw that or maybe he was sitting on his hands wondering where he was coaching once again.

i did watch the African Americans on PBS last night. being the history junkie that i am, i was very interested in it. and by not choosing to live my life as an ignorant white American, i pretty much knew everything that was talked about in it. but, it was still a good episode. i do plan on watching the entire series.

The Voice was pretty good last night though the battle round i wanted to see was just a 30 second highlight. the knockout rounds should be pretty interesting. i don't think any surprises made it this far so far.

tonight is the season finale of Duck Dynasty. also, i will be watching American Horror Story. hopefully both of those episodes are good tonight. i might flip to the World Series tonight. might not. i really don't care.

always fun to get on the internet after a few hours away and realize your favorite goalie, who happens to be your starting goalie in fantasy hockey as well, is injured and won't even be on the bench tomorrow night. i always feared this road trip to start this season was going to become the trip from hell for the New York Rangers. with Nash, Cally, and the King now all injured, my fears have become one shitty reality. not good.

i didn't get all the guys i wanted for fantasy football. so, this morning basically became a scramble to get some decent guys. on one team, i have 5 guys on a bye week. that was fun. hopefully my picks pay off for me.

with it being Pearl Jam week on Jimmy Fallon this week, i've been getting to sleep a little later than normal. if i have any energy left after one of these nights, maybe i'll do some writing. i know i need to bust out a few here soon.

that's pretty much all for today. be sure to check out the new podcasts on the right hand side of this blog. some really good ones in case you need to fill some time in your day with a distraction or two. hope this finds everyone well.


Metallica - Master of Puppets
Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire

"I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself." - Johnny Carson

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