Tuesday, October 1, 2013

new month same fog

when i woke up this morning you couldn't see the corn, which is less than 50 feet from the house. to say it was foggy would be a huge understatement. i was shocked that i didn't hear about any major accidents or anything. the fog didn't really burn off until 11 am.

had a long, heartbreaking conversation with an old friend this morning. not an easy position for me to be in as i'm basically unable to offer much help and what little i can do isn't being accepted. oh well. hopefully my old friend finds the right spot in the world for themselves. they deserve at least that much.

i enjoyed what i got to see of The Voice last night. i was flipping between baseball and wrestling. but the voices i did get to hear i enjoyed. i'll be paying a little closer attention this evening. emphasis on little.

Monday Night Raw was great last night. kudos to CM Punk for even having me fooled that he injured himself. easy to see why he's my 3rd favorite of all time. all the storylines advanced pretty well going into the ppv this Sunday. they (the creative team) have at the very least kept me interested in what's going on. been awhile since i was at that level.

i did go through some poems this morning and came up with 12 i'll be sending out later this week. i've got 3 places in mind.

a big thank you to Drew Brees for his outstanding performance last night, which allowed me to win both of my fantasy football matches.

the NHL regular season starts this evening. say hello again to the sport i have the most passion about. and if any of my new readers think my rants about baseball are something, wait until the New York Rangers go on a losing streak. only 3 games this evening. i'll be watching bits and pieces, as of course, i have some fantasy players going tonight.

i imagine i will be writing on this again after the Manchester United game tomorrow. hopefully while enjoying a victory beer.

i won a $100 voucher for some wine last night. of course, it was one of those where i had to spend $160 to be able to use the voucher. so, in a week or so, my alcoholism will become a bit more sophisticated.

and speaking of that word, can you think of a better christmas gift than my book Sofisticated White Trash. get your copy today.

plenty of music to get to today. hope this finds everyone well.


Pantera - Far Beyond Driven
Deftones - Deftones
Ben Harper - Welcome to the Cruel World
Ray LaMontagne - Trouble
Tom Waits - Alice

"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive." - Elbert Hubbard

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