Friday, October 4, 2013

some days just bleed together

i was up way too late last night and up way too early this morning. needless to say, i feel like i have been in a damn fog for the last 18 hours or so.

first off, i did send out 12 poems today. 6 to ZYX and 3 each to Dead Snakes and The Camel Saloon. when i hear back from these places i will pass along the verdicts.

i did watch most of the New York Rangers 4-1 loss last night. too many fucking mistakes, too many defensive lapses, too many mind cramps, and way too soft at times. a thank you to Rick Nash for dropping the gloves last night when none of his pussy teammates would. mostly, a thank you for the 5 penalty minutes. much needed for my fantasy team. hopefully they get Captain Cally back by Monday and figure some shit out or the 9 game road trip to start the season could be really fucking ugly.

The Big Bang Theory was hilarious last night. really great writing. nothing else really struck me as funny on television last night.

i did watch a good portion of the NFL game last night. i picked the right team to win but i didn't care for how they won. i'm now 41 points behind in fantasy football. that's a big fucking hole to climb out of. especially when your QB is facing the best defense in the league. so much for my momentum from last week.

i actually had to turn on the A/C today. first week of October and it's in the mid 80's. fucking ridiculous.

not sure what i'm watching this evening. i might just turn on some baseball so i can fall asleep.

i'll be back on here after the Manchester United game tomorrow afternoon. if they lose again, expect a rant that might get me banned from the internet for life.

hope everyone has a great weekend. or at least a better one than the assholes you hate.


Beastie Boys - Solid Gold Hits
Jay Z - Hard Knock Life
Outkast - Aquemini
Run - D.M.C. - Tougher Than Leather

"Evil is always possible. Goodness is a difficulty." - Anne Rice

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