Sunday, October 13, 2013

so much for my good mood

so after i got done with this blog yesterday, i had some lunch. and 10 minutes later i had the shits. i laughed as this is my life now. i got that stopped and then started drinking water. and more water. hoping to flush my system out. not exactly what happened but at least i'm not spending 30 minutes at a time on the toilet so far today (knock on wood).

the New York Rangers played better last night but better doesn't win you shit in professional sports. a 5-3 loss in St. Louis. too many damn turnovers. they have to clean that up before they can expect to win, let alone compete with the best in the league.

at least the Red Sox and Michigan both lost last night. that brought a faint smile.

Saturday Night Live was funny at times last night. don't get me wrong, it dragged in spots as well. but this was by far the funniest bit last night

ROH was good for what i could stay up for. it aired way later than normal here because of NASCAR. i believe i know the results so i'm not too pissed.

breakfast so far hasn't ruined my stomach. the cats are fed and the trash is picked up. now, it's simply sit around and wait for the injury reports for the NFL to come out. i've got a couple of injury concerns for one fantasy team. thankfully they are on the same team. that makes it easier. i feel like i should do well today. i have some favorable matchups. hopefully i'm correct.

my fantasy hockey team took a step backwards last night. i think i have constructed the team the best i possibly can. just one problem. no one is scoring any fucking goals. unless that trend changes today, chances are that i will lose this week. thankfully, it won't be too bad, so i should still be good in the standings.

tonight will be my usual Sunday night programming. Boardwalk Empire, Eastbound and Down, Hello Ladies, Homeland, and Masters of Sex. i haven't seen any previews for any of the shows, so i'm hoping they are good.

lastly, a big thank you to everyone who views, reads, shares, and comments on this blog. this post should take the views over 10,000. never thought i'd get to that number as quickly as i have. hopefully the next 10,000 come even faster.

hope this finds everyone well. at least as well as you want to be. i know there are some miserable fucks out there that enjoy that life. and yes, i have my days...


Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory?
Pearl Jam - Live 5/9/2010 Cleveland, Ohio

"Miami Beach is where neon goes to die." - Lenny Bruce

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