Monday, October 21, 2013

in case you ever wondered where the magic comes from

let me peel back the onion on a 30 minute snapshot of my life and basically, where all my poetry comes from.

at 12:30 each afternoon, i am usually getting the stuff together to feed the cats. today, i happened to be on the toilet. no big deal, i'll just feed the cats later. about 20 minutes later, i'm feeding the cats. didn't see many of them, but it was sunny out and i figured they were hunting. i got back inside and the phone was ringing. it's my mother. i talked to her for a few and then got ready to go into town to get the mail. as i started down the 1/4 mile lane i got an urge to shit. at the end of the lane, i picked up the empty trash cans and threw them in the back of my barely running old truck. i raced back up the lane and ran inside. i made the old bathroom and pulled down my pants. shit was falling out of my ass right as i sat down on the bowl. i looked up and there is a mirror right above the sink where you can see your face as you are sitting on the toilet. i said out loud


i laughed and started a conversation with myself as the bowl filled up with brown liquid. i don't think it could be called shit at this rate. and if you ever wonder where many of my poems come from, it's those damn conversations with myself on the toilet.

enjoy the visuals.

the Sunday night shows were pretty damn good last night. i have no complaints with any of them.

i feel bad for my mother. she sits there all day long on Sunday listening to me bitch and moan about my fantasy teams. and then i checked them late last night and i'm up by 34 in one and by over 60 in the other. and all i can think about is if i would have started this guy i'd be up by... i'm not quite satisfied until it's perfect. that's why sports are so insatiable to me. perfection is beyond rare.

no need for me to watch the NFL game tonight. while both of my opponents have players going, they could have the greatest game ever and still not catch me. so, it will be a night bouncing between The Voice and Monday Night Raw.

when i got up for my morning piss i heard on the radio that there is a chance for snow later this week. i just shook my head and laughed.

well, that's all for today. hopefully i will come to you tomorrow without yet another shit story to share.


Rhye - Woman
St. Paul & The Broken Bones - Greetings From St. Paul & The Broken Bones
The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main St.
Korn - Follow the Leader
Leonard Cohen - Various Positions

"No mind is thoroughly well organized that is deficient in a sense of humor." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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