Saturday, October 5, 2013

a star is born

it was somewhere around the halftime whistle that i really felt a need to put fists through concrete walls. i didn't act on that impulse though, i decided to wait. i am thankful as are my hands that i did. after trailing 1-0 in a dreadful, and by saying dreadful i'm being kind, display by Manchester United, the 18 year old boy wonder, Adnan Januzaj, scored twice to rescue the team from absolute disaster. they were playing the worst team in the league by the way. i'm happy for Adnan and at the same time fearful at how much it will cost to resign him later this season. also, the fact we still struggled against such a shitty team worries me beyond belief. i will enjoy the victory beer for the 2-1 win of course, but i have no doubts this is going to be a long fucking season.

i did really nothing of note last night other than fuck around on YouTube most of the evening. as for this evening, it will be all sports once again. a little Hockey Night in Canada of course and Ohio State on the road at Northwestern to follow. hopefully Ohio State doesn't fall into thinking they will have it easy tonight. if they take the team seriously, they should win.

a little Saturday Night Live and ROH unless i fall asleep before that all ends.

it's raining here yet again, and it is a warm rain. maybe the corn will be harvested by Halloween. i'm not a happy camper.

i did get the players i wanted off of waivers for my fantasy hockey team. i have a decent lead so far, so hopefully that will continue. my fantasy football teams look good injury wise for tomorrow, fingers crossed.

i'm now off to go have some lunch, a beer, and start flipping between soccer in Europe and college football here in the USA.

hope this finds everyone drunk, naked, caught in a compromising position by a dominatrix with an evil eye for torture. yes, i am in a mood.


Hayes Carll - Trouble in Mind

"Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer." - William S. Burroughs

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