Thursday, October 10, 2013

amazing what some sleep can do for you

i actually woke up in a decent mood today. maybe it was the shower yesterday, maybe it was the 2 extra hours of sleep i got. probably both.

i did watch American Horror Story last night. looks like it should be a pretty damn good season. the cast is amazing. i think it's funny that the older i get the more i seem to be getting into horror and shit like that. i guess i'm living my life in reverse.

Duck Dynasty was pretty funny last night. not being a fan of beef jerky myself, i had a few extra laughs at their attempt at jerky coming out tasting like shit.

busy night on the television this evening. The Big Bang Theory, a big NFL game, some playoff baseball, the New York Rangers out in Anaheim, plus all the other shit i tend to watch to avoid commercials.

i am hoping the NFL game turns out the way i want, i took Chicago in the knockout pools i'm in. i somehow have managed to not lose yet. plus, there are some fantasy implications this evening as well. i am favored in both of my fantasy matches. here's hoping that comes true.

spent most of today listening to music on YouTube and then i stumbled upon this video:
if that doesn't make you tear up a little, you have no fucking soul.

in a little poetry news, i heard from my good friend Janne Karlsson on a submission he sent out that included the cartoon he did of my poem "a faint notion of sweetness". apparently that has been accepted for publication in Tree Killer Ink. and i believe we are getting closer to seeing more of our collaboration be unleashed upon the earth. i really hope that comes to fruition. it's some of my best work ever.

that's all for today. hope this finds everyone well. a welcome back to reality to my friend in Sweden. put down one glass of wine and pick up the pen my friend. you have 2 hands for a reason. and they make special hats if you truly need more alcohol at once.


Phantogram - Nightlife
Starlit - Starlit
Guided By Voices - Down by the Racetrack
Fossil Face - Pirates on a Bootleg Binge
Crazy Joe and the Mad River Outlaws - Sweatin' Bullets Over You
Pearl Jam - Ten
Black Joe Lewis - Noise Trade Eastside Manor Sessions

"The only thing I'm allergic to is criticism." - David Lee Roth

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