Monday, October 7, 2013

now that's a damn cold front

woke up this morning to temps in the 40's. it was in the 80's just the other day. i know we got well over 2 inches of rain yesterday. had a little minor flooding in the lane, but nothing compared to some of the shit we've had before.

after i wrote my post for yesterday, i decided to take a chance and get the trash out early. i figured it was heavy enough that it wouldn't go flying in the oncoming storm. (i was right) i figured since i was going to be out in the rain, i might as well feed the cats. all was fine until i got to the second stall in the big barn. there was my cat Michael Jackson deader than dead. must have died in the last 18 hours or so. so, i went and got a shovel and walked in the rain towards the back of the property. said my goodbye and tossed it down the hill. took the trash down and then had to go change my wet clothes.

i thought i was having a decent day in fantasy football until i noticed one of my opponents changed his starting QB to Tony Romo. sadly, that was the same opponent i was already down 41 points to. my team scored 94. he had three players score 91. needless to say i lost by 40. and if i would have played all the highest scoring players, i still would have lost by 19. tip your hat and move on. as for my other match, i have a slight lead going into tonight. but i don't like my chances. i have the kicker for Atlanta while my opponent has the RB for the Jets. i will hope for the best but know that my chances of winning are slim at best.

i did enjoy that shootout yesterday between Dallas and Denver.

as for the Sunday night shows, Boardwalk Empire was great last night. a very gripping episode from start to finish. i thought the suicide at the end was perfectly shot. Eastbound and Down was absolutely hilarious. you can never go wrong when you have an episode that has kids calling their father a dick licker. Hello Ladies was really disappointing for me last night. i didn't find it funny at all. i suppose i will give the show another week, but if next week stinks that time slot will go back to sports. Homeland was good, not great. but it appears that this episode was used to set up the next one that looks really interesting. hopefully that is the case. Masters of Sex was my biggest disappointment of the night. the first show was so damn good and last night just dragged, start to finish. i'm really hoping next week is a much better episode.

tonight will be the hodgepodge of The Voice, Monday Night Raw, some Monday Night Football and after all that, the New York Rangers are playing out in Los Angeles. i really hope they can get the win tonight. the captain is back in the lineup, that should be a boost. i don't want to start the season on a long losing streak.

in my grogginess this morning (went to bed at 4 AM and was up at 8 AM), i emailed 5 poems to Zygote in My Coffee. when i hear back from Brian i will pass along the verdict.

that's pretty much all for today. oh yeah, another thing, i had an excellent glass of Sauvignon Blanc from France last evening. here is a link to it:


Ivan & Alyosha - The Cabin Sessions
Guided By Voices - Half Smiles of the Decomposed
Charles Bradley - Victim of Love
Foy Vance - Joy of Nothing

"The work of art is a scream of freedom." - Christo

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