Tuesday, April 1, 2014

what up fools

as some of you may know, April is poetry month. so, this year i am going to put a link to either a poem, or a story, or an article, or something at the start of each blog as my little ode to national poetry month. so, today, here you go:


i'm a little stunned at the moment as i was fully expecting Manchester United to get hammered today. amazingly, they drew 1-1. of course, Bayern gets the big away goal but at least this gives me hope that next week in Germany United has a chance. this also pisses me off as i wonder where the fuck was this defensive effort in the Premier League this year. oh well.

a big night for me as the New York Yankees start another season. and it is the last season for Derek Jeter. so, i'll probably be a sap in this blog from time to time with my memories of my second favorite Yankee of all time. they start the season in Houston, which hopefully leads to some wins right away.

also tonight, the New York Rangers play in Vancouver. so, more stories about the coaches seeing their old teams, etc... all i really give a shit about is the Rangers winning.

also tonight is the next episode of The Voice. they are hyping this as amazing tonight... we'll see. i did enjoy last night's episode. i still believe Usher has the best team.

Monday Night Raw was pretty good last night. Bray Wyatt has the chance to be one of the best ever cutting promos. and i really enjoyed Daniel Bryan beating the shit out of HHH at the end. that should set up this weekend rather well. i'll be getting Wrestlemania and whenever we move, i do plan on getting the WWE Network. but i'll definitely need a better high speed internet for that to happen.

i didn't do much today as my mom wasn't feeling well so i made sure to be around for her. she has surgery in a few weeks so i think her nerves may be getting to her. so, i'm trying to be the asshole that makes her laugh and take her minds off of things. good times.

got another cartoon from my friend in Sweden today. i'm going to have to find a publisher for this shit. it's too good not to be seen.

that's all for me today kids. no good April Fools jokes today, other than what The Flaming Lips pulled off. i was busy trying to clean up messes in the cellar. fun.

i'll be on here sometime in the afternoon tomorrow. i'm planning on doing some groundwork on getting ready to send some poems out here soon. so expect plenty of music to be consumed tomorrow.

take it easy my enemies, and then take it again.


Phantogram - Eyelid Movies
Lorde - Pure Heroine
Angel Haze & Sia - Battle Cry
The Crystal Method - Busy Child
Joe Nichols - Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
Grouplove - Ways To Go
Goldfrapp - Ooh La La

"People know when you're frontin'" - Method Man

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