Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the joy of afternoon naps

hello again kids. here are your daily links for national poetry month:

amazingly, i made it through last night without going completely insane. i was able to watch just about everything i wanted to last night. sadly, the sitcoms after The Voice had to be sacrificed last night. i need a damn DVR. anywho, here's my thoughts:

The Voice - was a little shocked at the final 3 as i thought Tess should have already been saved. thankfully, she did make it to the final 10.

Deadliest Catch - this looks like a really great season to watch. didn't even think how the government shutdown would affect them. should be a crazy, intense ride.

the New York Yankees beat the shit out of the Red Sox last night 9-3. i'm convinced that Tanaka is the second coming of (name your favorite pitcher of all time here). hopefully they can keep it rolling tonight.

the New York Rangers played a complete, solid game last night and won 4-1. i love that they are frustrating the Flyers to the point where they are making stupid guarantees now for game 4. LOVE it. can't wait to watch them lose again. game 4 is on Friday.

tonight will be a little baseball, some playoff hockey, hopefully sneak in Legit and Ali G. and then some late night tv.

i watched The Tonight Show last night and was pleasantly thrilled with Rita Ora. not my type of music per se, but DAMN, i do believe i have found my new dream woman. that should spice up my nights and hopefully get me out of the high school remembrances of nightmares.

that's all for me kids. be well. be creative. be the change that the fucker down the street refuses to believe in. and then shit that change out on his front porch.

peace and chicken grease my enemies...


Los Lonely Boys - 16 Monkeys
Elizabeth Cook - El Camino
Little Big Town - Boondocks
Jamestown Revival - California (Cast Iron Soul)
Low- Stay

"Women are made to be loved, not understood." - Oscar Wilde

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