Wednesday, April 30, 2014

who doesn't love pressure

has the month of April just flown by? here are your links for the final day of national poetry month:

well, the New York Rangers got the shit beat out of them last night, on the ice and in the stands. but, the best way to get a 5-2 loss out of your system is to play tonight in a winner take all game 7. as usual, i will be completely wired in and in full fucking voice tonight. i have the feeling that mom will be pissed off at me at some point tonight.

the New York Yankees made Seattle actually look like a good baseball team last night. amazing what some shitty pitching will do to a team. they lost 6-3 but at least made things interesting in the bottom of the 9th. they are rained out tonight, so at least we will miss their best pitcher this series.

so with that rain out, all my attention will be on the 3 game 7's in the NHL tonight. plus, i will try to sneak in Legit and Ali G. as well.

i was a little shocked at who went home on The Voice last night. Bria was done in by a poor performance and getting away from what she did best. i was stunned that Tess was in the bottom 3 again. of course, that could be my dick talking as she is fucking beautiful. neither had a chance with Kat somehow in the bottom 3 as well. how Delvin and Jake are still around is a mystery to me. i think my favorite 3 are Sisaundra, Josh, and Kat. and they should finish in that order at the end as well.

Deadliest Catch was really good last night. that's some crazy shit trying to fix a light 60 feet in the air with winds whipping at 55 miles per hour. CRAZY. one of the best shows on television.

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had a good bit of fun this morning putting the finishing touches on a comic that Janne Karlsson came up with. i put some words to it and quite honestly, it is fucking hilarious. if it doesn't get published by someone, i may have to come up with the money to get it out there. hopefully i will be sharing something with you soon.

mom and i did go out to lunch today. since the plan was for her to drive home, i had a few drinks. she started complaining about a headache midway through lunch, so i switched over to water, knowing i would be driving home. of course, 20 minutes ago she decides she's going to drive to the store because she just has to get back to doing things. hopefully she'll be fine, though i'll certainly be waiting for a phone call, just in case.

that is all for today. i'll be up late tonight watching hockey. maybe a little playoff basketball. who knows. of course, if the Rangers lose i'll be shaving and going to bed early, PISSED THE FUCK OFF. let's all hope that doesn't happen.

be well. be creative. be the little fucker that pisses off your neighbors.

peace my enemies...


AC/DC - Rock 'N' Roll Train
Butthole Surfers - Pepper
Joe Ely - The Road Goes On Forever (Live)
Muddy Waters - Champagne & Reefer (Live)
XTC - Dear God
Barbarian Overlords - The Harvester
Swedish House Mafia - Save The World (Knife Party Remix)
Portugal. The Man - Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue

"You know why divorces are so expensive? They're worth it." - Willie Nelson

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