Tuesday, April 8, 2014

one of those days

before i get into how bad the Yankees were today, here are 3 links for your national poetry month goodies:




the Yankees were horrific today. not the right day to have some really bad pitching when the offense is actually making solid contact. oh well. when you lose 14-5, it is really easy to just turn the page. they play again tomorrow night. hopefully they can win and win the series.

much like i predicted yesterday, around 9 or so last night, i fell asleep. i woke up around 11 wondering what the fuck happened. thankfully, both The Voice and WWE updates YouTube pretty quickly. so, by midnight or so, i was able to view what i did miss.

on Monday Night Raw, i was thrilled to see the new faces are showing up. Paige is going to be a huge star. and putting Cesaro with Paul Heyman is pure brilliance. also, having The Shield come to the aid of Daniel Bryan sets up some classic stable vs. stable action that was a huge part of the attitude era. now, if only that crowd could be at each Raw...

as for The Voice, none of the performances last night blew me away. i'm not sure what's going to be on the show tonight, but, i should be awake to see it.

the New York Rangers are in the playoffs now, thank you Calgary, so i'm not sure how much emphasis they are going to put on the game tonight against Carolina. i'd love to see them win and get that home ice for the first round, but that's mostly because i love to drink. they are so much better on the road, i don't think it will kill them either way. i'm just happy i'll be growing a playoff beard once again.

since the Yankees did suck right out of the blocks today, that gave me plenty of time to clean the toilets, vacuum, take out the trash, etc. mom should be pleased when she gets home.

i did catch a few minutes of the national championship game last night. good for UConn. that's a nice way to bookend your college career. win as a freshman and then as a senior.

other than that, i watched a woman fuck her husband with a strap-on today. that was a better way to pass the afternoon than watching baseball.

i'll be on here tomorrow sometime after the Manchester United game in Germany. if they somehow pull off that miracle, i will be drunker than shit while i'm typing.

be well my enemies. be creative, be chilled, be naked, be the change in the pocket of a rich fool in the hills of California...

peace and chicken grease...


Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends

"Memory is a complicated thing, a relative to truth, but not its twin." - Barbara Kingsolver

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