Saturday, April 19, 2014

a sleepy weekend in the shade

here are your links for national poetry month:

today has been one of my lazy days. not that i haven't done things. did a couple loads of laundry for my mother, got the paper and mail in town. it's just the weather is so damn nice that all i have the energy to do is eat a little candy and sleep in my chair.

mom hasn't felt dizzy since the surgery so she is very happy about that. she's worried that she stills hears sounds in her ear that shouldn't be there. i tell her to not worry about it, just let the body rest and heal, but what the fuck do i know... i told her the bright side of losing all her hearing in her left ear is she won't hear me as well when i yell at the basketball games. i sit on her left at the games.

the New York Yankees got out to a nice lead last night and i felt good. and then, the bullpen shit the bed and somehow 4-0 became a 11-5 loss. ouch. they play again tonight. hopefully they can get back to their winning ways.

been flipping between soccer, playoff hockey and playoff basketball today. rinse and repeat for tomorrow as well.

i'm hoping i will be awake for ROH this evening. i believe it is on after the Ten Commandments. there's a poem there i believe.

i'll probably do another post in the morning tomorrow as around 11 am my day gets crazy. Manchester United plays in the morning and the New York Rangers play game 2 of their series at noon. plus, it's Easter and it's also the day to pick up the trash and recyclables. there's a poem there as well.

hope everyone is having a great weekend. enjoy the candy. be well. be creative. be the shining light hiding the train.



Wu-Tang Clan - Keep Watch
Iggy Azalea w/Charli XCX - Fancy
Geto Boys - My Mind Playin' Tricks On Me
Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)
Angel Haze w/Sia - Battle Cry
Lecrae w/Paul Wall - Let It Whip
De La Soul - Me, Myself and I

"Therapy was the biggest romance of my life." - Dar Williams

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