Wednesday, April 2, 2014

a cool rainy day in April

first off kids, here is your national poetry month goodies for the day:

i went through the stack of unpublished poems i have and came up with 25 i'm going to send out. i'm going to try to stagger these submissions throughout the month as i really can't sit at the computer for hours on end anymore. i think i know where i'm going to send the poems, just need to do my double check and make sure i'm not resending something that was previously rejected. ah, paperwork. good times.

the New York Rangers set the franchise record with their 25th road win of the season last night, 3-1. Marty St. Louis FINALLY scored his first but more importantly the Rangers best defenseman and the best one on my fantasy hockey team got blindisded late in the game and left the arena with his arm in a sling. he did travel with the team to Colorado and not back to New York, so i'm going to assume that's a good sign. i really hope is good to go for the rest of the season.

the New York Yankees shit the bed to start the season, losing 6-2. and it never really felt that close. the game was so bad that i rarely turned back to it while watching The Voice and the shows after it. they play again tonight. i'm not going to get pissy until the losing gets to the insane stage. losing twice to a team with a payroll less than the cost of your infield would be at the insane stage.

speaking of The Voice, it was excellent last night. i believe i know who can win the show and probably witnessed the best battle of the season last night:
just amazing. can't wait to see her in the live shows.

woke up in pain this morning as it was already raining and i was up after 3 hours of sleep. the arthritis medicine seems to be working, so maybe i caught it early. and my neck seems to be getting better each day now.

sometime during the Yankees game tonight i'll flip over to watch Legit and Ali G. hopefully the Yankees will be winning when i do so.

that's pretty much all for me today kids. i think i'm going to sneak in a nap before i have to help put the groceries away.

i'll be on here tomorrow sometime. not sure when as i believe i'm going to start sending the poems out tomorrow. wish me luck or tell me to fuck off. they both get the desired effect.

peace my enemies. be well, be creative, be drunk, be destructively good at whatever you want, be warm, be naked, be cheap...



Deer Tick - Goodbye, Dear Friend
The Devil Makes Three - Old Number Seven
INXS - Not Enough Time
JJ Grey & Mofro - This River
Will Hoge - Woman Be Strong
Turnpike Troubadours - Gin, Smoke, Lies
Steve Earle - Colorado Girl
Joanne Shaw Taylor - Blackest Day
Joe Ely - The Road Goes On Forever (Live)
Ryan Bingham - The Weary Kind
Will Hoge - When I Get My Wings

"Great artists suffer for the people." - Marvin Gaye

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