Wednesday, April 16, 2014

just in case we need to stress eat...

been a busy fucking day, but i didn't forget about your links for national poetry month. enjoy:

i didn't get to see the gem Tanaka threw for the Yankees this afternoon as i was busy with my mother at the store. we bought a shitload of food. with my mother's surgery tomorrow and Easter weekend coming up, i told mom all of this was in case there was going to be some stress eating going on. my sister is coming down, so we made sure to get some stuff she (hopefully) will like.

the Yankees won 3-0 this afternoon to take game 1 of the doubleheader against the Cubs. that victory beer is gone. hopefully they win game 2 tonight.

the NHL playoffs start tonight and i'll be in and out of those games. now, if one happens to go into overtime, then it becomes must see television.

last night, i did catch all of The Voice. i believe Usher made the right picks for his 3 going to the live shows. that means i had 11 of the 12 picked correctly for the live shows. the live shows start next week.

also starting next week is Deadliest Catch. not sure how i'm going to fit everything in on my Tuesday nights.

after the sitcoms after The Voice, i did check out the show Fargo on FX. holy shit, what a creepy, strange, totally fucking funny first show. i'll definitely have to add that to the rotation.

tonight i'm going to try to sneak in Legit and Ali G. around some sports. or, i'll just not get any sleep. i doubt i will be sleeping well tonight anyway with what is coming tomorrow.

my mother is having surgery to put a shunt in her ear to hopefully drain fliud that has been collecting in her inner ear. or something like that. she's been dizzy and feeling nausea for months now. i'm really fucking hoping this does the trick. now, the scary shit is she could lose all of her hearing in the ear. but, she's willing to take the chance and she's got the best in the state doing the surgery. so, i'll feign as much confidence as i need to. god willing, this will work and she'll start living a somewhat normal life again.

so, not really sure when i'll be on here tomorrow. maybe early in the morning before i take her to the hospital. maybe late afternoon when we get back home. maybe right before the New York Rangers start their playoff series. or, maybe at 2 in the morning when i finally get to take a breath. not sure... but i do plan on putting something out tomorrow.

hope this finds everyone well. keep the family in your thoughts. i do appreciate it.

peace and chicken grease bitches...


K's Choice - Not an Addict
The Black Crowes - Oh Josephine
The Toxic Airborne Event - Sometime Around Midnight
Neil Young - Rockin' In The Free World
Turnpike Troubadours - Gin, Smoke, Lies
Exitmusic - The Cold
Drivin' N' Cryin' - Straight to Hell

"It's marvellous to be popular, but foolish to think it will last." - Dusty Springfield

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